January 21, 2012
Any one have an idea on what I can do about this totally out of place white pantry door? Ideally I would like a wood and glass door to match the cabinets, but I'm looking for a cheaper option (like paint). But I'm not sure what color to use. Any suggestions? There is other white in the kitchen except the door and trim and it just looks so out of place. Thanks
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An interesting idea would be to paint it in chalk board paint, then you could lose the dry erase board. The dark would work well with your color scheme and adds a fun element. See a good example from house tweaking here
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Jamie Jay
you could paint the door the same color as the cabinets.
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I have seen some people have put in a frosted glass and wood door . Hunt around and see if you can find a interesting antique or vintage door - that would be fun . I like the chalk board idea BUT not on that door - maybe a differant style that has more surface for a chalk board. They have magnetic paint now so paint the door with that first - then put the chalk paint over that- and put a piece of molding across the middle that will hold the chalk. That is if you like this idea .
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R & D
Keep your door, but have the panels cut out and smoked glass put in it's place(although prcier, the ones with wheat or "Pantry" etched in are nice!)
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I would paint it the same color as the surrounding walls.
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amy owens, I wood paint the door the same color as the wall, except for the insert of the door. I would paint that in a chalkboard color and use it as a message list. You could decorate the chalkboard portion according to your style and taste.
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If your pantry is fab then I would go with a clear glass panel door or a frosted one.
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Wallner Builders
Great question -- your dilemma is totally understandable.
Know a good painter who can do faux? One way to change this would be to faux the door (and trim) to match the cabinetry. You've got a very classic Kitchen going here, and the white just draws too much attention to itself. I'd be careful not spending enough to get this to look right.

As noted, the door's trim concerns me as much as the door does -- does it match the rest of the room?

A full-view glass door wouldn't be that expensive, and there are films that can put an etched/frosted look on the glass. Without it, the contents of the pantry could become the focal point. . .

A wider shot of the balance of the kitchen is needed to get a clearer picture of how this fits (or doesn't. . .) with the rest of the space.

Good luck -- post back if we can be more assistance.
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If you dont to put a new door and just want to paint then maybe just one color darker on the paint sample strip that the wall is painted. Or take a drawer to a paint store and get them to color match it and do that.send some after pictures and go
od luck.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi amyowens, Marie here. I have four options for you, I'd go with option #4 if it were my kitchen:
1. I'd paint it out your wall colour.
2. I wouldn't use Chalk board paint too messy. Use magnet board paint, same idea as chalkboard, eliminates the mess of chalk.
3. Buy a new door, stain trim to match your cabinetry. More costly yet, but nicer end result.
4. Beef up the white trim, add a header, better side trim in white - make it feel more special. It just looks like an after thought here. Easier solution too!
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I would draw attention to the cabinetry and not try to make this door a focal point. I agree with someone above... paint door and trim like the walls to make it disappear... draw attention to cabinets and other parts of kitchen
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Had these doors throughout and bought gel stain, I rubbed it on with a cloth and the color picked up the woodgrain in the door and gave them a very realistic wood look for a quarter the price of real wood. I only used one coat, beautiful!
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stephen dunn designs
Agree with Colleen--gel stain is your answer. It will require a base coat and you should be able to get VERY close to the cab color!!
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I didn't use a base coat as the doors had come pre primed white, and it still covered beautifully with one coat of gel stain.
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ruth chainay
Marie I think your solution is great ..beef up trim and use a header....but it would,not look like a door if you stained it the cabinet color...then it just becomes part of your cabinetry
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I still say paint the door and trim a shade darker or the same as the wall its on. But the gel stain on white doors sounds interesting....Colleen, can you post some pics here? I would like to see them.
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When we bought our house, someone had taken the pantry door down & stored it in the attic for some reason. Until I found the door, I used a wooden curtain rod on the inside of the pantry & hung a fabulous long fabric curtain on wooden rings. Easy enough to slide it to one side when I needed to, and the fabric kind of jazzed things up a bit.
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Actually that is very old world and charming . I mostly hate those corner builtin pantry rooms and the doors they stick on them. The builders today have one track minds. I find they take up needless space and break up the kitchen and you usually end up with less counter space.And the door always is in the way. If the kitchen was planned out a bit better a pantry cabinet can work a lot better.Just a nice big cabinet with pull out drawers and bins . I also don't like the pantry cabinets that have those switcherroo wood hinged shelf systems that bang your fihgers, they cost to much and don't hold very much. So after all is said and done all you can do is try to hide it as much as possible and make work for you.
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AJD Interiors
The first thought I had was to actually remove the door and put up a simple canvas panel in an ochre or deep gold to match the walls and "disappear". The panel seems like it would be less intrusive than the door. You could hang it just above the trim to hide that, too. My second thought would be to have the door stained to match the surrounding cabinetry for continuity. Good Luck--post some "after" pics when you finish!
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hi. what have you decided? Done?
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