Is this possible? Installing laminate with different locking mechanism
VipDecember 19, 2013
I'd installed Armstrong Grand Illusions Cherry Bronze flooring in my kitchen some three years ago, but am having to replace portions of it due to damage and have picked up some replacement panels from a local store. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has changed the locking mechanism ever so slightly, where the old and new material do not latch together perfectly. When attached, there is a slight height difference between the two panels that is easily noticeable.

Since the new materal would go right in the middle of the room, I don't have the option to put in a T-mold etc. I have already called around 15 some places around the country but the Y3021-121 material (old style) is no longer available.

Is it even possible to do the install with the difference in latching mechanism? Are there any changes I can make to the edges like sanding down some portion of it or chopping off portions of it completely that would allow it to install correctly?

I've attached images of what the old (darker panel) and new (lighter panel) look like at the edges.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Valley Floors
Unfortunately, you'll do more harm than good trying to make the two floors lock together. You're likely to damage the locking mechanism during installation, which will cause floor failure.
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Carpet One Floor and Home
Get a good installer who knows what he's doing. He should be able to sand/cut the tongues as needed, but the floor may need to be glued down to secure it properly.
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I'm going to talk to a couple of local contractors to see if they can handle this. Truly appreciate the feedback!
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Check under Armstrong Cherry Bronze Grand Illusion L3021, it might be the same flooring.
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@Halfpint2 - Thanks for the tip. I checked Amazon and it's the new one (Y3012-12D) instead of the old one that has Y3012-121 as the model number. I had called Hurst Hardwoods, who is listed as the seller for this on Amazon, and they said they only had the new material in stock.

Per recommendation from @carpetone I did talk with a couple of local installers but they didn't seem too confident about being able to make it work. Given that I've not had much luck finding the old material, I'm now starting to look at tile as a possible replacement for the affected area.
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MHA Home Services
40 years of floor installing tells me to tell you to just replace the floor. I have always tried to dissuade clients from using this type of laminate anywhere close to water. Tile you kitchen by using a good qualified installer.
Best of luck on you project
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Hi Vip, sorry to hear that. Was it water damage, or another kind of damage (heavy object dropped on it? Or fire?) I'd listen to an experienced pro like MHA. Good luck.
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TMK Remodeling
Replace the floor with the new product. Or consider something less resistant to change like strip hardwood which had been the same thickness for last 70 years.
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@Ed Yep, water damage. Have picked up sample tiles from Lowes and speaking with installers regarding quotes. Will see how it works out.

Thanks all for the responses. They've been really helpful in coming to a decision on how best to perform the repair
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