Kitchen Makeover

sheilalongDecember 24, 2013
WE have a galley kitchen and need more cupboard space, We are thinking of putting in new cabinets with slideout drawers, new door designs and possibly eliminate the pantry at the door entrance and put the fridge in that location with cupboards above it. Perhaps equal countertops on each side of the stove on that smae wall would work better than 1 counter.Do you think the fridge opening into the doorway would be a problem? The dinning area is at the other end and we tried a cupboard above the fridge in that area but it shut out the light from the windows.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
You will get so much more appropriate help if you post some pictures of your space.

If you are replacing cabinets and are considering slide outs, I would suggest you look at large/deep drawers instead. You can actually store more items and it is even easier to get to.

I would not put a refrigerator directly next to a side wall. It needs to be a minimum of 6" from the wall. You can put a pantry unit (pull outs are nice) next to the wall and then the refrigerator. It is always helpful, as you have noted, to have countertops on either side of a range or cooktop. It is also considered safer to have working room on either side.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
Note - this is a duplicate post. Another post has been created with pictures.
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I only have 12' of space on one side of the kitchen so with a pantry and then the fridge , my counter space on either side of the stove would be minimal. The firdge would be beside the hall wall.My husband does not want to move the sink/dishwasher and I do like the 12' of counter on that side for baking/buffet etc
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Here is the duplicate post with photos.
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