Odd Kitchen Shelves - what to do???
December 28, 2013
I have odd shelving on either side of the window above my kitchen sink. I have no idea what do do with this space or what to store here? Should I take them down? Put something else in their place?
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You may have enough space there to put skinny cabinets (for spices and such) if you remove the shelves.
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I had thought about that...but I wasn't sure if it would close in the window too much?
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Hmmm... it might. But removing them leaves dead wall space too. Not sure what to do here, let's see what everyone else thinks.
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They should be styled to suit your tastes and interest. Do you have special decorative pieces such as pitchers or cake stands? How about cookbooks? Probably they were designed for plants, but because I don't see any on the shelves I assume that you are not a plant person. You could use one to hold your coffee mugs, another to hold vinegar and oil, another for a decorative recipe box... In short, I don't thing that these are a problem, but rather an opportunity to give your kitchen personality.
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Yes, I wish I had shelves like that, actually.
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I guess if the shelves were large enough to be functional - that would help. Right now, they are only like 6 inches deep and not tall enough to hold most bottles.
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I had shelves like this in previous home. I put 1 beautiful glass piece on each shelf and let the natural sunshine do the rest. Nix the window treatment.
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I had my husband put shelves up like you have....I had decorative salt and pepper shakers on some, a small ivy plant on one, a small pitcher on another and etc. Finally got tired of them and I took the shelves down. What a difference.....opened up the window and seems brighter. Don't worry about the "dead" space you have, all will look clean and uncluttered. I have a white sheer tied back curtain over my sink. Change the tie backs with the season....red beads for Christmas, artificial greenery for summer and red, white and blue ribbon for 4th of July. The way your shelves are built, if you took away the shelves, I would look for some tall, narrow artwork to hang on the sides of your upper cupboards....Could even use trivets or some such.
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I have I think a 9" space on either side of my window to the cabinets. I'm thinking to order 2 shelves like you have and paint them antique white like the rest of my upper cabinets. I plan to either put flower pots like African Violets, and maybe a couple smaller teapots I've had stored away. I had also thought about wine shelves something like this. But for me it might be the first thing people see when they walk from the foyer into the kitchen, so it's why I was thinking of flowering plants since for me it's a very sunny window. [houzz=
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from the picture you posted, it looks like you can't easily take the shelves down for a few reasons, one of them being the molding on the top goes across the whole cabinet and shelf. Almost looks like the back of the shelf is part of the back section of the cabinet?
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Joanne Heidkamp
I think these shelves were placed there to display something special - plants, family photos, a lovely dish or two. My advice is to take down the curtain, and "shop" you house for something to show off. It could be as simple as glass jars of beans or pasta, or some colorful mugs. Let us know what you decide to do.
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I don't particularly like extra decorative stuff in my kitchen, but a surprising number of normal kitchen things can be attractive to have out if you put a little effort in - So I'd probably use them for something practical that made sense to be in that area of the kitchen, but in attractive containers or in an interesting style. For example, possibly a nice canister of teabags on one shelf, pretty mugs on another (just something so when they're on the shelf it doesn't look like a boring stack of plain mugs), items on the higher shelves that don't get used as often but that are still okay to have out. (I have some little ceramic beads that I use for blind baking pie crusts - I might put those in a nice jar and put that on one of the higher shelves, since I don't use them often enough that the shelf height would be annoying.)
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Jenn Hunsinger Jackunas
I am having the same problem! I have almost the same ( they are a bit closer to the window framework )they collect dust and are a catch all.
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You need to embrace them and I think they could be fun. Right now you are just using them for storage, like counter space, and I think that is why you are unsure about them. Think of all the time you spend at the sink and even though you may look out the window, you need things on those shelves that will make you smile. SMILE! Things that say YOU and your FAMILY! Not full shelves, or you will not know where to look, but find a nice plant....that will love being by a window. A plant adds to your home and this is a great place for one. Find a favorite picture of your family or a vacation spot and put it in a fun frame and place it there....on a lower shelf to be enjoyed. Dig through the cupboard and find a few of your favorite serving pieces and display them. Collection? Like Willow Tree or Precious Moments? YES! A vase? I think you will have fun once you get started. This is YOUR display space in the room and I would love to see it once you get done playing!
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Kevin Strader
Declutter them and put something decorative on each one, but don't put multiple things on them. If you really don't like them you could take them down and maybe put up some wine racks.
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I'm not a huge fan of the shelves, but I agree they might be difficult to take down so you need to do like everyone else has suggested and use them to personalize your kitchen. The personal touches are what add warmth, charm and personality to a home, and make it feel inviting.
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There are some great suggestions already posted. I like the idea of decluttering and making it your little space to enjoy. However, if you need to be utilitarian consider this...

Looks nice too.
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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
Remove them. You don't need to keep what you don't like and the space does not have to be filled with anything.
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If you don't like them, remove them. If you can't remove them, I like the idea of glass objects that are see-through and will reflect some light.
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