Living Room rug (design or solid) color?
Holly Daley
January 5, 2014
Updating 70's ranch; love to quilt and want to place a large area rug that won't fight the wall quilt
behind the couch. The kitchen "rug" design in the middle is the same as fireplace. Need help.
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I don't understand what you mean by the "kitchen rug design"? I'm also having trouble establishing the layout of this room but there doesn't appear to be a focal point and there's a lot going on furniture wise. Sorry this isn't much help
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Holly Daley
I forgot to include a pix of the kitchen floor that is same tile as around the pellet stove in living room. It's a beautiful blue/grey color. I'll try to add it tonight. The tan loveseat is "going out" shortly. I need help with end tables that must have drawers and table lighting too.
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Holly Daley
The kitchen, dining room and living room are U shape.
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Holly Daley
This is a close up of the back splash color tile with the small tile design that will be located at the electrical outlet line. The blue/grey color is a perfect match to the tile on the floor in the kitchen and fireplace surround. What color can I pick up from the quilt on the wall that has a turquoise in it and gold along with a strong burgundy? I am lost. Holly
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Hello Holly, May I just say that your quilt as absolutely stunning! Very beautiful work! I can't imagine how long,it took you to make it, and am happy to see it taking pride of place in your living room!

Although there are probably some patterned rugs out there that would work with your quilt, I can't think of any off hand. So I'm inclined to default to a plain rug, and for some reason I see blue being the best color to pick up on the other blues in the space, and to coordinate with the gold and burgundy in the quilt, plus the other golds/caramels in the furniture etc.

The first three rugs below are from They are made from recycled blue jeans, and one has jute woven into it, while the third rug has leather in it, I believe. So, provably not overly soft if that is an issue, but certainly durable!
The rug in the fourth pic is from Pottery Barn and is in a color called Smoke Blue. In the pic it looks a bit green, so you will definitely want to see it in person to decide whether it could work.

There are many other plain blue rugs, I'm sure - I would maybe look for one with so e texture or a tone on tone for interest.

I'm wondering how your sofa would look with pillows in a pattern with similar colors to your quilt. It would be. Ice to now pick on the burgundy in small quantities, and pillows might be the way to do it.

You have a lovely, cozy room there - a room with soul!
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I don't think the pillows below are in exactly the right colorways to work with your quilt, but this is about the scale I imagine for a coordinating print. I also picture a free-flowing print like these flowers or the suzani/medallions as a nice contrast to your geometric design.
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I am also wondering if this rug from Pottery Barn could work. It is really hard to see the exact colors in both the rug and your quilt.
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Holly Daley
Wow Karemore, you certainly have spent a huge amount of time answering my many questions and I thank you again. I just showed the rugs to my husband and he liked the upper right blue and the lower left blue and so do I. As you suggested, I'll get a closeup of the colors on 2 squares for a better view. This quilt was made from a lot of left over fabric and even a shirt I loved; but it was time to move it out of a wearable item so it does appear softly in the various beige/cream colors in the quilt. Thank you again and look for a closeup later today. Just having my first cup of coffee this morning here in Calif.
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I would suggest something solid patterned, with a high pile and neutral color. This will help acoustically in your room with the hard surfaces, while providing subtle visual interest and warmth to your tile.

Here are some suggestions; feel free to ask questions, I am happy to help!

Andie P., ASID
Interior Designer

Surya Ashton Cream Rectangle Area Rug

Surya Ashton Cream Square Area Rug
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Holly Daley
Thank you Andie. We had no electricity from 8:40am yesterday until 4:30pm so I went outside and did yard work. I am thankful for your information also about the acoustical noise problem. That is one of the reasons we placed the quilt on the wall. The HDTV is on the opposite wall and it does help with the reverberation. I will show your note to my husband who thinks we should have a sisal rug. Holly
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