1 room apartment: sleeping couch dilemma...

yakunoemiJanuary 5, 2014
Dear fellow houzzers
I'm new here and i hope you can help me with my dilemma in my future 1 room flat. As I prefer a (good!) sleeping couch to a bed in my apartment, Im indecisive what color & material to choose.
The room is small and has this relatively dark wooden floor, so it would be best to add a light coloured couch. So I' hoping that you share your experiences with me and help me decide what material and colour fits best in the color sheme available! Nothe: im planning to put a black and white carpet under the couch. The following points are central for my decision:

-All my other furniture in the room is white so far
-I prefer light to dark (especially in a small room)
-I'm a rather clumsy person...and I have a lot of blue jeans!
-I prefer fabric to sit on, but I know leather is more resistant to stains.
-As a sleeping couch has to be rather stable and not moving around with any movement, there are almost no options for high feet on the couch.(there goes one option to add some air to the room) Almost all sleeping couches are rather clunky...
-The sofa will be used and I dont want to spend all my free time to treat the couch with expensive care products...washing some plaids and quilts is ok, though!

I'm torn between either a chocolate or white leather couch, or a fabric one in a bright colour (pink? But will i be fed up with the colour soon?) or a light grey. Additionally, with a fabric couch it is impossible (so far) to find one with a loose cover that I could wash (the selection of high quality sleeping couches I've got available are all with fixed cloth).

I know I got a lot of expectations, but I basically just don't know what colour to choose with that floor and room size...and I would be so glad for any hint that easens my decision! Thank you so much for your support and keep up the wonderful designing ideas!

Lots of love,


PS the furniture in the photos are still from the current tenant. I dont have any photos of the empty room, im sorry for that.
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My brother has a studio apartment in New York and he has a Murphy bed . Far more comfortable than a sleeper sofa.
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Marc Russell Interiors
American Leather makes the most comfortable sleeper on the market. Tons of choices in fabric or leather. Have it treated with teflon, will last longer than scotch guard. They also do it in several different sizes. Grey works with a ton of different colors, so it's a smart choice. Unless you find a sleeper done with a slip cover, I would not recommend washing the casings. Good luck!
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Other than something to sleep on, do you need clothing storage, a media cabinet, desk?How big is the room? You say flat, does that mean there is a kitchen area as well?
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Restoration Hardware has quite a few "daybed" items. Wonder if you might be able to go try a couple out in one of their locations?

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This is a great looking sofa sleeper. I vote white leather.
Gin & Tonic Sofa Bed · More Info
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Sandy G. ltd.
You might consider a futon? This one is from Target.
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Hello altogether and thank you for all your answers!
Ive been reading through them and all your suggestions are really beautiful and stylish options! But i notice that i actually didnt specify the type of sleeping couch i'm considering, i'm sorry for that. I know that most sleeping couches are rather uncomfortable and only to be used as 2-3 nights options, especially those where you sleep on the same cushions as you sit on. But there are also couches that have a complete slatted frame and a barrel-arbor matress folded under the seating cushions. What im considering is this model from the pictures for example.

There are multiple options on material (cotton, linen, polyester, microfiber etc., fake leather or real leather) and colour. And to decide for one out of of all these options is my actual dilemma.

I have all my other furniture (shelfs, desk, tv stand, etc.) already. Except for the closet, but i think i'm going for a simple ikea closet without doors or walls to add light.
(Although I wish, it will not be as big as this model, of course...)
But as I have a relatively big entrance hall I'm considering to put the closet there, so my living room will not be all spilling over from furniture!
And yes, there is a kitchen (another design dilemma) but it is in a seperate room. Ill also have to buy a small dining table and 2-4 chairs for the living/working/sleeping room, but that will be all. And Im gonna keep it all white so far. So the couch would be one option to vary the colour or even make it the center piece of the room. The room is about 18 square meters/27 900square inches big(/small).
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There are some really nice looking futons and you can get very good quality, comfortable mattresses now. This is a link for "foldable" mattress information so you can compare different qualities. http://www.thefutonstore.net/futons_toronto/futon-feat.htm Comfort is going to be key for everyday use. If you consider the futon option, I would spend a little extra if you can to get one with a separate mattress, i.e. Not an all in one, but separate frame and mattress. Here is a link to various options. http://www.bhg.com/shop/bedroom/mattresses/futon-a2866.html
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