janleavittJanuary 26, 2012
Our house was built in 1987, our kitchen still is the same. But now my husband has MS and so my question is can a kitchen be made over for 25,000 that has wheel chair access?
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Melissa Spirk Of Lowe's of Tarentum
Kraftmaid has a wonderful line of ADA cabinets and Lowes carries them! if you take a drawing in they can give you an estimate
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Joseph F. Yencho, Design/Builder
Jan, where are you located? Have you had any luck with your kitchen?
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Thank you for your concern, but we live in Las Vegas, too far from you. There are becoming too many variables to deal with at this time. Possible elevator in the entry for the upper level. Our entry is also raised. This may be too much to take on. Our home is a custom 4000 ft. home, but it's where we have raised 6 children. The costs definitely are a concern but our future may take us away from Las Vegas, in order to live with the possiblities of having to construct the home we need. Again thank you for your concern. At the present time my husband is still able to work, but we see our future and are trying to get ready for it. That's why I ask so we could start to think about what it will take to remodel, verses selling and rebuilding.
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Deb Tison
God bless you and your husband.
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Before you embark on renovations...if you haven't done so already...please please please consult an occupational therapist (OT) to assist with universal design considerations. ADA cabinets designed by kitchen companies such as KraftMaid or architects may or may not work for someone with MS. Depending on the form and course of the MS, needs can vary. Some MS is so slowly progressing that the prognosis is excellent, or progression can occur quickly. Sometimes only legs are affected, sometimes only hands, or speech, cognition, etc. An occupational therapist is an expert on achieving optimal independence and function by modifying the environment and will have experience working with people with MS and other neurological diagnoses. Their recommendations are very individualized, as opposed to the more generalized recommendations of "universal design". Most insurance companies cover OT's, and may or may not require a physician referral.

In my experience, staying and renovating is almost always cheaper than moving....unless downsizing significantly, e.g. an apartment or condo with good wheelchair access (which you could always renovate when the time comes). In my experience, the more large/open spaces the better! And depending on your husband's work and insurance plan, some of the modifications might even be covered or partially covered? Insurance coverage will be extremely important to maintain throughout. Power wheelchairs are incredibly expensive (as much as $25 000 in some cases!) but are so important for quality of life for some people who can no longer walk (and they are modifiable, unlike scooters). Some can even stand a person up!

We just purchase a KraftMaid kitchen and it was quite affordable, all-plywood with solid wood doors (less than $9000 for a 12x11' room), especially if using laminate counters. If you stay away from particleboard, there is the possibility of modifying cabinets with a little help from a cabinetmaker.

A big consideration is the location of where you are now. Is the neighbourhood accessible? Accessible parks nearby? Friends/neighbours. Friendships and family nearby obviously make life much more bearable with a diagnosis like MS.

Hope this helps! Take care.
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Ooops - just realized your post was from 3 months ago. I might be too late. Oh well, if it helps someone else reading, I'll just leave it there.
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