Need help/ideas on how to fix this space ?
January 10, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I would really appreciate some ideas on how to do up this space,i live in dar,resources are limited so i'd need to take this into account.

I am looking to create an airy,peaceful lounge area here.

The tiles are a shiny cream color,not sure what color the skirting should be,just bear in mind that we have skirting tiles in limited colors,usually patterns of brown or wood or black.I was thinking black as its a simple monochromatic color but not sure if it would match,the other alternative is to have the contractor who set up the tiles cut smaller pieces for skirting boards ? but its usually done with a handmachine so it might come out skewed.

Windows:i dont like the black color on this or the pattern,was thinkin of white and have upvc or white alum sliding windows fitted.

the doors and frames,i love white doors,but i havent seen any of these in dar,wood is widely used and the quality is pretty good,i somehow feel however that the wood makes the room darker and my aim is for light and airy feeling.maybe i could stick to the wood doors,

walls:color ideas

any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated
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More photos of the room would be helpful.
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i dont have many photos and the site is located a bit out of town.will try and get more when i go to the site.i am attaching a shot from another angle of the same room.
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Not sure where dar that Dar es Salaam? Anyway, your space looks like it has a nice indoor/outdoor feel to it and it looks like you have tropical type plants around it so my search for photos took me to Sydney. Tropical feel yet modern and cosmopolitan.

I think you want to keep it simple. You can even build in seating on the two walls under the windows like in the first photo. Cover them in comfortable cushions in a colorful fabric. A large ottoman on wheels like in the third photo. It can be used to rest your feet, or your tray of drinks, or even more seating. A light rug under the ottoman - not too big you don't want to completely cover your nice floors.

I think it will be a very comfortable room!

Good luck!

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thank you @jn3344 for the comments,yes dar as in dar es salaam.goin to save your photos& suggestions.i like the brown leather ottoman.what would you do for the skirting,tropical wood or black skirting tiles ? (those r the two options they have here,the tiles come in a number of colors except cream or white :( ) and the burglar bars on the windows ? i think the black creates too much busyness,was thinking of painting them white so they flow with the white on the wall.and adding a different color to one of the walls ? beige,grey or a light turquoise shade....:S
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Glad you like them!

For the skirting I would go wood, as you have many hard rock and tile surfaces already.

The burglar bars - yes I used to live in the mid east and they are over everything. I think that white will stick out (against the green of the plants outdoors) just as much as the black does. Maybe save painting them white for last when you get everything done you can decide.

I love the turquoise idea - I tend to like my turquoise more towards the green side. So yes you could do one wall...or you could pick up your turquoise in other ways like in the rug on the cushions or pillows...and keep the walls as they are.

Fun project. Best of luck!

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white door refreshes every room and make it lighter, maybe a light blue wall, crystal chandelier
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@megen thank you for your suggestions,white does indeed brighten up a space,the doors r currently a tropical wood like the frames in the photothey dont sell white doors here so would most probably have to spray paint the wood doors in an oil based white color or paint them (im afraid of brush marks though),i like the crystal chandelier idea......:)
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@jn3344,burglar bars are also everywhere here for security,it really messes up the view though,will work on fixing it up before i decide to switch them to white....i like the sunroom color on your post....
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