Need Help with my living room
January 11, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Hi! I'm new here and I already love it! Let's see how this one goes. I am renting a furnished apartment. I need help with the living dining room area. I know for sure I need rugs. But what else can I do to make it homey and cozy? I work from home so I spend a LOT of time in the living room and I am on a budget :( So, I am hoping to turn this, currently cold and boring place into a very warm one. I don't mind swapping the placement of living room and dining room. Feel free to also suggest wall paint color and I'll check with the landlady if I can do it. Please remember that I am on a budget! Thanks!
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i think your room contains a lots of boring color,but you could make it interesting by using some bright color in cushions and rug.and a simple vase with colorful flower would also help you to make it warm and cozy.I would suggest bright colored table runner on your dining table to make it i attach some pic for example.i would suggest yellow,white,aqua,lemon green for you color choice.i hope adding few things would not exceed your budget.
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LB Interiors
I think you need to create a more cohesive floor plan. Maybe you can try this first before suggesting color. Once the floor plan is decided, you can move on to what and where color should be.

I would move the TV flat against the wall, under the window on a lower stand on the right side of the fireplace. Try to get an extension cord for electrical. Maybe the landlord will add an electrical outlet on the wall at the right of the fireplace. Doesn't hurt to ask.

I would not block the fireplace with the chair. Maybe you can move both chairs opposite the sofa, with a table between them.

Another option, may be to move the TV to the right wall, in the center and centered opposite the sofa. Place one chair on the right of the fireplace. The other chair (the one that is near the dining table) angled facing the TV. The chair arm and sofa arm should almost be touching. Move the chair away from that wall. Bring forward.
January 11, 2014 at 1:09am     
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LB Interiors
For color, I would find a large artwork for above the sofa with color. Choose colors in the art for sofa pillows and accessories.
January 11, 2014 at 1:13am   
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