Bathroom Layout Help needed
January 11, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We are struggling to finalise the layout for these two bathrooms for our kids. There are four issues which come down to efficient layout that maximise the spaces.
Bath 1 dimension is 6'6" x 12' with that odd angle. Bath 2 is 7'x 11'8".
Issue 1: We think the current showers too big and may reduce the shower sizes to 42x42" in bath 1 and 48x36 in Bath 2. We would then put the toilet next to the shower and then move teh sinks away from the showers.
Issue 2: Placement of toilets. We would love to get ideas for placement of toilets that don't squash the user into a tiny corner.
Issue 3: Placement of sinks/vanity and storage. Any thoughts?
Issue 4: We changed the layout of the closet and bath in Bath1/Bed1 to avoid having to access the bathroom through the closet and ended up with this funky bathroom angle. We need ideas to rethink the entrance to the closet and bathroom to change that funky angle? Should we close it off? Your input will be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!
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Tectonicus Constructs LLC
Generally Bathrooms should be pushed together sharing a common wall to save a boatload of money on plumbing.

Secondly swapping the bathroom and closet in bedroom one will help solve the funny angle thing, though you would loose a window to the bathroom.

Did you do this floor-plan yourself, or hire a professional?
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Tectonicus Constructs LLC
What is behind that thick wall to the far left, is it a garage or retaining wall?
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More concerning are the numerous angled walls on the floor plan which seems very impractical.
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The rooms are located upstairs over the garage so the reason why bedroom 1 has an angled wall is because it is next to the stair landing. The thick room behind the wall is a made thicker to block out the western sun. The house is located in the desert. We wanted every bathroom to have an operable window not facing the brutal western sun.
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Tectonicus Constructs LLC
I would suggest switching the bathrooms and closets around so they share a common wall. Push the closets out to the exterior.
Then put skylights in the bathrooms, or small windows with window shades on the outside.

The best way to keep a house cool in hot climates is to have roof overhangs, not necessarily thick walls, because you can simply end up with a thick hot wall.
Take the typical ranch house as an example. Also planting a mesquite tree to the south of the house is recommend.
Take a look at any of my Tucson projects for shading ideas, shading adds value and architectural beauty to a house.
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Kohler Design Center
Here are my ideas for the plan.
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