reupholstering furniture
January 12, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I have two wing-back queen anne chairs and a very traditional roll-arm couch. The body and pillows are in excellent shape-all are about 20 years old and took me forever to find. Worth it to reupholster?
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Lesley Delle_Grazie
Depends on the quality of the structure. An upholsterer should be able to let you know if it's worth doing, and give you a rough estimate. Often people think that reupholstering will be cheaper than buying new, but that is not always the case unless the pieces were very expensive to begin with. There is A LOT of fabric involved. I know there are websites that give approximate yardages.
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Corinne Gail Interior Design
If the frames are in great condition, I would say go ahead and reupholster. There are many fabric styles and embellishments you can choose from to create 21st century treasures! If you are wanting a style change, then there are places where you can donate or consign your unwanted pieces.
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Lesley Delle_Grazie
This site provides yardage estimates
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Wow Great Place
Absolutely worth reupholstering, especially if you love the pieces! If they are in good shape, then they are worth it.
You can change legs, change the shape of arms, change the arch on a back, etc., it does not have to be "fabric off, fabric on" upholstering.
Not sure where you live, but in my neck of the woods (Montreal, Canada), you'd be looking at about $500-$750 per chair for LABOUR and $1200-$1500 for labour for the sofa.
Then add fabric. Assume 15-20 yards for the sofa, (depends if it has loose back cushions) and 6-8 yards PER CHAIR.
The fabric cost will depend on how much your fabric is per yard, and varies widely in price. I will often quote based on $75 per yard, and adjust once we have made final selections.
It sounds expensive when you spell it all out, but to buy a new piece today, OF COMPARABLE QUALITY is as expensive, if not more.
AND you get the bonus of choosing whatever fabric you want! (just be sure you choose fabrics MEANT for upholstery, which your designer or upholsterer can advise you on, as that is a whole other topic)
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Thank you for the excellent suggestions! I live in New York but you gave me a good start on the price range.
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My husband has a recliner that was given to his family years ago, after being reupholstered. It's got to be 50 years old, is still in remarkably good condition, and the only chair he will sit in for long. We've shopped and shopped for a new recliner, but they don't fit the way his old one does so we leave the store emptyhanded. I foresee having it redone in the near future.
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Wow Great Place
Hayleydaniels, your recliner is a perfect example of "they just don't make 'em like they used to"
If it "fits" your husband, it is totally worth redoing. Just keep in mind that new foam (which a good upholsterer will ask you to choose, from soft to more firm density) WILL feel a little different under your tush when you sit on it.
Sometimes fixing springs, changing feather and foam, will slightly alter the feel of a piece of furniture, but more often than not, everyone is happy with the end result!
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