Hardwood floor cleaner/ideas
January 12, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We have an older dog who no longer can wait till we get up in the morning...so ...she is ruining our hardwood floors. We have no way to confine her so I am not looking for those types of solutions. I need a product(s) that will clean the floors...we have been using swiffers and our floors look terrible., altho I like the ease of the product. Is there something out there that would be better for the floors? I am not interested in filling a bucket and using a mop daily. Thank you.
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Holly Keeley
Doggie diapers might help?
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What about an indoor pet potty. This one is available from Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond. $30.00. If you could get woofie to do business on this, then you could work on restoring your floors.
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So sorry about your family pet. Have to say though, your floor will eventually be ruined, no way around that expensive fix. How about crating your dear friend overnight?
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I can empathize with you as we had an older dog who was crippled. She ended up in doggie diapers until her privates got chapped, and then we went with piddle pads everywhere. It was a major challenge to say the least.

Check your pet store and hardware store for products designed to clean up after pet accidents.
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We have the same issue with our oldest. Luckily (?) He always picks the same location. We lay down a heavy strip of plastic to protect the wood floor and edge of room rug, and then laid a cheap rubber backed runner on top. The sheet of plastic is cut a bit bigger than the runner. If he has to use it, we can then throw the runner into washer on short cycle, and wipe or rinse the plastic off. What else can you do but love them anyways. Unless company comes, We just leave it down so we don't forget at bedtime. STOP using swiffer cleaner on floors, too much product will dull & coat the floor. Use a little vinager & water with cleaning cloth wrung out. Good luck.
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Joanne Maurer
bridgetcouch I have the mop it is great the pads are reusable and washable. Just remember not to use fabric softener if you do rewash. I wash all my e-cloths by themselves. Always use a dedicated water spray bottle that nothing was ever in. They have their own it is about $5.00 it is worth it. I use my blue glass cloths on everything, stainless steel, the cabinents the floors the shower doors the fixtures. My place sparkles. I use Mrs Meyers toliet cleaner, dishwash tabs, laundry soap and dish soap for the rest of the cleaning. Everything else I use the e-cloths. There is nothing like them for your flat top range.
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Joanne Maurer
You are most welcome Bridget
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Joanne Maurer
Let me know how you love the e-cloths!
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