January 29, 2012 in Design Dilemma
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I'm doing an all white bed and found both 100% cotton (very soft) duvette and a blend of 60/40 ....what do you suggest. I worry about wrinkling and up keep to maintain the 100% cotton products but prefer the feel. How do you maintain an all cotton duvette.
Thanks ..really apprecaite your comments! Erin
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Keerthi Naidu
Hi Erin, how'd you make the ultimate decision? Which did you end up choosing?
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A. Peltier Interiors
Here is how I keep wrinkles out of my linen napkins: I wash them and throw them in the dryer but take them out just before they are fully dry. Then I lay them flat and push any wrinkles out with my hands. If there are any left after they are dry I then take a water bottle and spritz the wrinkles and push them out with my hands. It is much easier than ironing however, you will never get that super crisp look unless you iron them.
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Gail Maizel
I won't use any bedding that isn't at least 300 count cotton.After a few washings it feels soft and very comfortable. Don't worry about wrinkles. I fold mine as soon as they are dry and they look great but I have other covers over my duvet. A .Peltier has great ideas too.I am uncomfortable on polyester. It makes me sweat!
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