IdeaChat Video - Sentimental Pieces - 1.16.14
Jeannie Nguyen
January 16, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Have you ever inherited a piece of furniture from a loved one but wasn't sure what to do with it?

Watch today's IdeaChat video to get some cool ideas and share some of the pieces you have collected over the years! Or, share your items that you plan on passing on for years to come.

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Not furniture, but I've been eying my grandfather's scythe, but have no place to put it. My decor is not suited to sticking it on a wall and my experience with scything made it perfectly clear why the scythe is obsolete. Plus there's the whole grim reaper element to it.
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I haven't received any furniture pieces yet, my mother is still using them. I do have a wonderful collection my Grandmother gave me before she died. I was named after her father Roy, She had kept the wallet he had when he passed away and all of the documents inside, like a time capsule, along with the straight edge razor he used and a picture of him from his teens where his was clearly being silly. I have always wanted to make a shadowbox to display them but something seemed to be missing. I have another picture of Grandpa Roy and his wife Grandma Bessie together. I had thought about adding it to the mix but wasn't sure. Last week my mother showed me 2 pieces of jewelry she didn't know what to do with. They both were from Grandma Bessie one was a golden bar pin with the name Bessie spelled out in metal. The other is carved out of cedar wood in an oval and is the letter B. Perfect! Along with an antique enameled flower basket broach of Grandma Bessie's that my grandmother gave me years ago the shadowbox will now be complete. All I need to do now is find a box big enough.
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a handmade quilt - I saw it on my mother's bed and told her, 'when you pass on, I want this'. not thinking anything more than that - she wrapped it up and gave it to me before she died. i now have it hanging in my guest bedroom. she is no longer with us, but i will always treasure it.
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I have these cool old wooden hand carved doors that probably used to be a room divider. No idea what to do with them.
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When my Dad retired from dentistry, he was encouraged by a local artist to take up sculpting. He loved it so much that he would often say that he wished he had done that as a career. "Then we'd be starving artist's children," I'd tease. I have several of his pieces. Most are table-top in size, so they are on display. One larger one is perfect on a pedestal in an empty corner. I also have several collected and handed down through generations silver and antique pieces from my mother on display (and sometimes in use) in my buffet display case.
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I often wish there was something to hand down...immigrants didn't bring much. Thus, I cherish my grandfather's watch.
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