Will white kitchens become boring soon
January 16, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We are trying to decide on cabinets for our new home kitchen and looking here on Houzz, most kitchens are all white kitchens and they look lovely. Since our house will be closer to other houses the light inside will be quite less. So, we thought all white cabinets with white granite and maybe a constrat color cabinets for island will be great as that will help brighten up the house and make it more lively inside.

But now we are worried that it might go out of style soon or will get boring soon and going for some wood tone cabinets will be better long haul as we can always make changes to room colors to make it look new. The white picture is the one we like and the other one with wood color cabinets and all white countertop keeps growing on us each time we visit the model house. Initially we thought cabinets ruined the house but every time we go we seem to admire it more. Could be because of the white floors and all white furniture that model has. Would love your opinion and other suggestions.
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White is classic and timeless. You can't go wrong with it.
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I would love to have white cabinets but I think they will become boring soon. I like both kitchens that you posted except that ugly cabinet above stove fan in brown kitchen.
But in between these two I would still pick the white one.:D
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The warmth of the wood cabinets really appeal to me. Use light countertops, backsplash and flooring if you go with the wood color. One of the things that makes that kitchen is the white linen chairs. Is that a part of the "pull" it has on you? :)
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I don't believe white cabinets will ever go out of style. They add a clean crisp look and the hardware and crown moulding that can be added today can dress it up or down as you wish. There are so many things that can be done with your backsplash now that have the ability to update the space and much less expensive than changing out cabinets someday. I say go for the white or antiqued cream. I don't think you will be sorry.
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White is not as easy to keep clean in a busy household. Especially with children who might get peanut butter and jelly fingerprints on it. In the long run you'll get yellowing and worn areas near the handles and pulls. My grandfather who did carpentry always said painted cabinets showed the owner had to buy ones made of cheap materials because if they could afford real wood instead of plywood or chipboard they would let the wood show. But if they used cheap materials paint could be used to hide a multitude of sins. White can seem cold and sterile instead of warm and cozy. However, a kitchen is an area where I like to see it look clean.
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Interesting about your grandfather's thoughts...white cabinets are often more expensive than wood.
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Well, now days, but not in Grandfather's day ;)
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Studio Dearborn
I don't see white kitchens going out of style any more than white walls will. There will always be other "looks" but white will always be fresh and clean. That being said, the darker the space, the more I like to stay away from white. Color is welcoming in a darker space, and wood cabinets possess a lot of warm color. The white countertops AND white stools provide crisp contrast. Lastly, another Houzzer made an excellent point that white cabinets are harder to keep clean. they are also more difficult to maintain, and depending on how they are constructed, the paint can chip, or the laminate can peel over time. The House Beautiful kitchen of the year was a windowless kitchen with stained cabinetry--you might want to check that out for inspiration. Good Luck!
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We are renting a home while we are building and it has white cabinets. The house is very early 90s so the style itself isn't mine but I will say the cabinets really do help the space appear larger and the kitchen is very light. It didn't sway me enough to have white though, we did cream with a dark island. White shows everything!!
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karen paul interiors
kitsva, here's my take on "white" kitchens. All white kitchens will go out of style. Stainless appliances will go out of style. White kitchen cabinets will not go out of style. The kitchen (in my opinion) is the most important room in the house. It is the area where you can make your personal mark. The opportunity for style that appeals to you and makes it yours is in the flooring, backsplash and the counter top. I would always prefer to go with the most expensive counter top I could afford and make certain it is something you love. I installed marble for my countertops as I knew not only would it make a personal statement but also I knew marble will never go out of style. So, that was job one. Next, I wanted something on my backsplash that felt different from anything else I had seen and made certain that it tied into a main "theme" for my house. I have a slightly oriental bent in my home so I did a Porcelanosa wood vertical tile that has somewhat of a bamboo effect to it. I still love it because it is all about what I love and what I can relate to. Everyone who has seen my kitchen is mesmerized by the fact that nothing looks like anyone else's kitchen and they can see how it relates to my particular style. Next I wanted to make a statement with the hardware so I did oil-rubbed bronze vertical hardware that had an ever so slightly "bamboo" effect. No one would notice that detail except me but it works very well. Next I put in a porcelain floor that is longer than it is wide and stair-stepped the installation. It has the look of metal which is quite unexpected. So everyone loves the kitchen even though it is not their taste. If you don't worry about resale value, and if you have made it your own then someone else out there will love it also.
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