Need help for my master bath
Simona Sisca
January 17, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Here is a sketch provided by my designer. I just wanted to get lighting ideas. This will be my first time renovating a bathroom and I'm pretty excited. Needless to say, zero experience. I want to know where is the best place to put lighting like sconces, etc. Maybe just general guidelines, and any creative input beyond that is welcome as well! Thanks!
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Simona Sisca
Sorry if the image is too light. I have to fix that.
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Given the symmetry, I feel that flanking the vanity mirror with a pair, at a height of 72" to the centerline is a good sconce height in this bath--It will minimize shadow and make a nice focal point as you enter the space. Mounting Too high or adding a light bar above the mirror doesn't provide the same light quality. Beyond this, I would consider 4 fixtures spaced evenly, over the angled edge of the shower and opposite side, and two more across the room, aligned with these, and centered on the centerline of the tub. (the 4th won't be directly over the toilet, but that is fine). Center the fan in the space. Are there to be any windows in this space?
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Simona Sisca
Thank you DMH Design! Thank you for the tidbit about a light bar, I was considering that but I don't know anything about lighting so this helps.

Where exactly should I center the fan? Sorry for the dumb questions, again, lack of experience!

Here are better images, I improved the quality if that helps. I don't have all the elevations yet. There is a window between the sink and the sitting area on the right. I'm not sure why it is not included in the drawing.

Thank you!
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Simona Sisca
Oh I forgot to mention and I don't know if it makes a difference, but we have decided to use a free-standing tub rather then what's in the drawing. Not sure if that is pertinent information as far as general guidelines for lighting, but maybe for creative input it might help!
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Because you have moisture in opposite corners of the room, I suggest drawings an 'X' in the room btw. the (4) can lights and installing it as close to the center as possible, framing dependant.
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You definitely need a can light over your sink casting light down so you can see to put your make up on or for a man to shave or whatever. Wonder about a sconce 72 " high. If you have a 14" or more sconce wouldn't that be too high?? Buy your sconces before electrical work is done to get the right height. Some sconces light upward some down, height has to be adjusted for either style. If you are having a free standing tub would you consider a pretty statement light fixture over the tub, and yes to can lights for general lighting in and light and fan in the shower. The fan has to be vented outside, usually through the roof. Did you consider changing the angles and having 2 sinks if you are a multi family home??
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Great topic. I appreciate hearing the advice and discussion. I'm doing the exact same thing and need the advice! Your bath is going to be really nice btw.
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