spacing pendants in a kitchen

courtney0602January 19, 2014
I have purchased 2 photographers bronze pendants which will be placed over a "stair step" two part kitchen island. I wanted to place them about 30 inches apart, creating a more unified effect.. Since there are existing recessed lights, the electrician wants to place them using in the existing recessed light housings which are at least 5 feet apart. There is also an Stonegate "Astoria" pendant which is in close proximity, which hangs over a glass breakfast table. By placing the lights far apart, I am concerned about the line of site. Would the pendants look better placed closer as a unit or farther apart?
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Five feet seems too far apart. Make a mock up of the lights and hang them from the ceiling and observe.
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Curt D'Onofrio
Assuming the each pendant light shines light like a flashlight, then i would go with your electricians suggested (cheapest/easiest way out), and make it so that each pendant can be adjustable up/down at any time by you
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Thank you....I had the pendants installed 5 feet part. Surprisingly they look great, but am still concerned about the stonegate chandelier being in such close proximity to the very pronounced pendants, I wondering if a smaller crystal piece might work better
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Here are some examples that look fine:
Russian Hill · More Info
Townhouse · More Info
Carolina Kitchens · More Info
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Curt D'Onofrio
thulani_sidera , can you upload a picture ? Having a hard time picturing the chandelier. Thanks
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