bland white walls and a high vaulted ceiling
Wendy Hibbs
January 19, 2014 in Design Dilemma
My new house is colorless! Maybe there is nothing wrong with plain white??? I need help with the color or colors I should use. I want to install bookshelves along a substantial part of the wall. Or maybe along the low wall above the windows. Should the banister be white or a mocha? I am not used to the high vaulted ceiling. The room doesn't feel cozy. Is there anything I can do? I plan on replacing the light fixtures too...a project for another day.
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You and your stuff live in the space below the window and door frames so concentrate your decor efforts there. The exception, the stairs. I'd completely redo them, getting rid of the carpet, stick railings and flat bannister. They need a real update. As for color, without seeing our the entire space an the style of your furniture it is hard to pull something out of a hat. Comment here and add more pix of all the walls and furniture you'll be using.
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Suzanna Sebesteny
You just bought this house and say you don't like this and don't like that. What were you thinking when you bought it? I'm sure you had some idea of where you wanted to take it. Sometimes, when we look at a house to buy we have ideas in our heads of how we want it to look, and those are usually the best ideas. It's like a "gut feeling". Think about it and share those ideas to help us along. Also, like deco said, take more pictures from all angles.

Also, the budget and time frame you have to work with helps those that want to help.

Good luck and have fun making this your dream home.
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Wendy Hibbs
Thanks for the comments so far. I didn't mean to sound so negative. Let me rephrase....we love the house and especially the property/view. The white walls are really a "blank canvas", but I have never decorated 20 ft walls before and don't know where to start. Generally, should a ceiling be lighter or darker or the same color as the wall? Can I paint the lower half of the wall and leave the upper part white?
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I'd paint all the walls the same - there are enough features breaking up your space without adding another break. As for the ceiling, use the same color cut by 50% with white. Consider a warm greige. Here's an ideabook about it.
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If you paint the walls a darker color, it will feel more cozy!
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I cannot really see your furniture colors or accents. That will help a lot in picking the color. What I can see right away…is oak. LOTs of oak. There is no where else for my eye to look.

What about something like this: Upper Montclair, NJ, New Home, Norman Road

This part is really individual: what makes you feel cozy? For me: I am a whore for yellow things: It makes me feel like the sun is giving me a hug. What's more cozy than that. haha. But yellow paint was way too much for the space so I started with a beige couch with a yellow/cream pillow that I liked and built the room around that!

So I would start by doing something small. For example: Put in a piece of art with the colors you like or Maybe do a floating shelf or photo collage where you have that circular thing hanging. Include in it the colors you want. Take out the other things like the flag and red paint etc out and find way to incorporate them into the space you envisioned.

Living Room & Dining Room
Atherton Holiday House Tour
See the photo collage on this? I think a beige, greige or like cream like Eschelon Ecru by SW would be really nice.

You can choose a set of VERY high curtains to see if you like a different color scheme too.

I don't know how much experience you have had choosing paint….but I nearly pulled my hair out with the vaulted ceilings. I painted 10 different samples and was just shocked how different they looked throughout the day. As mentioned earlier budget would be really helpful.
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Greige is your ticket!
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Wendy Hibbs
Question about the oak trim...The same trim is in every room of the house and the balconies. Personally, I would paint all the trim white(ish) but 1) I don't want to mess up the "theme" of the house, 2) once I paint it I can't go back, 3) my husband loves the wood. Can I paint trim in one room without messing up the flow in all the other rooms? My furniture is neutral....couch is chocolate. I have a habit of getting generic color furniture so I can change accent colors easily with throw pillows or other accent pieces. I guess that is why I tend to use paint a lot of spice things up a little.
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