need paint help....

milloy36January 19, 2014
i just purchased a new home and would love to hear some exciting paint ideas.... its a beautiful home and i really want to make it special starting with the paint.... would prefer bejamin moore colours but any are fine
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so above is the family room which has an open concept with the kitchen to the right... none of the furniture is there, this was the sellers setup.... notice the thick white baseboards and the light brown/olive paint... would love to jazz this room up... any ideas? hardwood is medium brown and the fireplace has a really nice dark stone harth and nice bricks along the wall
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here is a pic of the kitchen adjacent to the living room... no painting to be done here but just wanted to show it to give ideas as to the style of the house
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this is a pic of the front hallway... would love to change the colour of the shelves to really make them pop but nothing too bright... thoughts?
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here is a pic of my office... notice the beautiful light from the large windows... was actually thinking a nice gray in here
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this pic shows the front entrance and stairway... would like something that really catches the eye here as this will be one of the first colours someone sees when entering the home
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finally the master bath... was thinking about a nice small tiled wall here rather then paint... maybe small blue tiles or something similar
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would love to hear your colour suggestions... i am lost, tried to work with a decorator and didn't feel i was getting any bang for my buck and didn't have any better ideas than i had... thanks in advance
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You have a beautiful new home, congrats. I would recommend you tackle each room separately on Houzz rather than all in one thread. It will help you get more specific and helpful ideas from people. Also as a new homeowner myself I would recommend that you live in the space a bit before rushing to paint, decorate. It will help you figure out how you want to use the space.

As for your living room you should post more angles of the room as well as any info on furniture you may already have (style, color schemes).
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milloy36: Really, this looks like a lot of "after" pictures! Quite a lovely house. I think what you might want to do is choose a color palette for the house (without necessarily thinking of individual rooms). To me, the best houses seem to have a great flow in colors used. As a simple example, one might have a blue/green/yellow/gray/white idea for the home. Some or all the colors are in the rooms, but in different values, ways and varying amounts. Doing the overall palette first, considering your furnishings of course, would help you with decisions, I believe.
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thx for the comments.... basically, the house is empty and i am living with my parents currently so there is no rush to move in.... i sold all my furniture when i sold my last house and am starting fresh here so i have nothing to move in so the house is clean slate... as much as i would like to live in the house for a while before i paint, without any furniture or anything its gonna take me a while to get setup so i figured i would start with a clean coat of paint... went to the benjamin moore yesterday and am more confused than ever as to what to use.... i really thought i would like to use a lot of greys in the house, what colours go well with greys?
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here is another view of the living room without any of the sellers furniture
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Pretty much everything goes with gray. Some people suggest to look in your own closet as a cue to the colors you want to surround you. Aside from you have more pink/red/orange things, or blue/green things?
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I recommend Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray. It is very neutral (grey/beige color) and is beautiful. Revere pewter is another nice Greige color (but darker)
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Looks great to me! It is doing to depend on what you pick out for your furniture and artwork.
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PRO Dallas
If you just hate all the current colors, and want to clear out the palette, with plans to repaint certain walls/rooms later, you could paint a light neutral base color now. But whenever possible, I suggest waiting to pick paint colors until you have an inspiration photo or inspiration item (art, rug, side chair, even a couple accent pillows) to guide you. It will be much easier that way.

As to what goes with grays, almost anything. White, black, yellow, red, orange, emerald, lime, cobalt, turquoise, lavender, and any dark or smoky purple. I'm not a big fan of mixing gray and brown or gray and beige, but even that can work if there is enough contrast between the two.

Do you want gray walls, or just mostly gray furnishings? If on the walls, how light or dark? Some of the grays my customers frequently choose include Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray, Classic Gray, and Revere Pewter; Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, Mindful Gray, and Worldly Gray. For a cooler gray, SW Silverplate is also good.
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DECO Window Fashions
Warm Butterscotch Hues are very uplifting and popular now.
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thx for the responses everyone... much appreciated

let me ask this question, I want to go with bold colors in the house, I don't want to shy away from color and I don't want to go safe on everything, so my question is, what are bold color combos that go together?

I am still very much thinking that grays will be a dominant color in the house but I want to mix in other bold colors to really spice it up

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Maria Killam is a designer whom I think is a master at adding colour. She has her own website with some great articles of adding colour and making it flow room to room. I encourage you to check it out. This is one of her rooms.
A mix of old and new to create a comfortable living area · More Info
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We recommend exploring colors from the HGTV HOME palettes. Each collection highlights 20 colors that are designed to work beautifully together in any combination, including both neutrals and the bold shades that you are looking for. The Global Spice palette sounds like it's right up your alley.
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