foreverhouseJanuary 31, 2012
I am having a new kitchen put in my new (to me) home and the whole house painted..Upstairs I will have the existing brazilian cherry hallway sanded and stained. The bedrooms are getting new rugs. I have existing brazilian cherry floors downstairs and am adding brazilian cherry in the kitchen and family room. I have a choice to leave the last floor finish off until after the kitchen is done..I have to have painters in after the floors are done and then the cabinets and kitchen appliances will be installed. I also then have to have the fabricator for the countertop come in and measure for the countertops and wait for that to come in..Do I wait for the countertops to be put in and then do a last poly on the floor when everyone is finished? Should I let the floor people put the finish on before the countertop is installed? I'm on a tight timeline and I want it to be done right..Any help would be great!
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Emily Hurley
Hi there, what did you end up doing? Any advice to pass on from your experience?
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Hi Emily..I'm still in the process but everything is working out..I went ahead with getting the kitchen taken out first..I donated the whole kitchen, appliances and all to a green company so everything was taken out very gently so they could sell it..It was very easy and done in a day..The floor people came in and added the new brazilian cherry floors in the kitchen and family room..I had them stain it all to match with the older floors..and they are a perfect match! I decided on dark walnut. They are absolutely beautiful..They put on one sealer..and one finish..They will be the next to last people in putting on the last coat. I had the painters cover the floors with kraft paper today so the brazilian cherry wouldn't start changing color unevenly around the drop cloths..It will take them a month to get the house all painted so I had them start in the kitchen, family room area first so they could get out of there before the cabinets go in..The cabinets go in and then the appliances..When that is all done..the painters come back in for touch ups..Finally, I get the last coat of finish..I ordered wall to wall carpeting for the bedrooms and they need to be last so the floor finish doesn't get on the carpet near the hardwood...There are a million little and big things to think of during a remodel and things will happen..I would just say to stay on top of everything so you can correct a mistake before it becomes bigger..I stop by the house every day..sometimes make sure everything is going the way it should..I know I will be happy when this is behind me!
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Emily Hurley
Awesome! That's great to hear how well it has been working out!

I didn't even know donating kitchens was an option. That's great to know. I be that saved a whole lot of mess that a usual demo would create too.
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Foreverhouse - I hope you are in your home and everything has worked out perfectly! My husband and I purchased a home two years ago that has Brazilian cherry hardwood floors and cherry cabinetry throughout. The floors are definitely pretty, but I feel like Im on cherry overload. So I have been on the hunt to find out how people use cherry floors in their homes (paint colors that work with the floors, other cabinet options, adding contrast, etc). I'm wondering if you would be willing to share any pictures of your new home?!

I have twin three year olds and a dog so I'm sure the floors will need to be refinished quicker than usual. I would love to see how your floors turned out with the dark walnut stain. I'm considering staining the floors when the time comes to change the color. How did yours turn out?

What did you go with for your new kitchen cabinets? I'm considering having my cherry cabinets refaced or painted.

Thanks so much for any input, advice, opinions that you're willing to share!
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Stewart Floor LLC
When building or remodeling, the painting and drywall work should actually be done before the flooring is installed. Contractors and builders may argue, but your wood flooring is going to absorb all that moisture and it is not good for your new floor.
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