Question: can slate floor tile be stained?
January 22, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I have an entry room (apprx 17' x 28') with a slate tile floor installed by the previous owner. its nice looking tile, but the lighter colored tiles are not dispersed within the pattern very well. I don't know if they had a lot or breakage and replaced with lighter color tiles or what, but it is NOT uniform as far as distribution of color goes. question...can slate tile be cleaned, stripped and stained to a solid color? im just wanting it all uniform, which I realize removes some of the natural variations in color/beauty but honestly, they ruined that when they laid the tile in an ugly pattern.
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Adrian J. Naquin Interior Design L.L.C.
The variation is the point of using a natural material - you might consider LMScolfield concrete stain on the out of place colored slate tiles , but test first. Would area rugs hide the problem to some degree? Al that slate sounds cold and noisy
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thank you for your input! what it looks like to me is that they broke a bunch of tiles at some point and replaced them with much, much lighter colored slate. i'm all for the natural variations but, to me, its so poorly done its ugly. I literally got up on my ladder to look down at it in plan view to see if someone put their initials in the pattern, or maybe a word they spelled out. I think that if I broke out a few of the lighter ones around the edges and replaced with darker tiles, that I could probably hide most of the ugly spots with area rugs. and you are right, it is loud in there (and the 12' ceilings do not help) but its completely empty of furniture right now... I was just hoping that someone would chime in and say "oh yeah, we do that all the time! its super easy and super cheap!"
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I would love to hear the outcome of this! Did you end up using a stain or paint on the various light tiles protoman333? We have the same issue in our new home! The previous owner put in dark maroon tiles in random spots, and it is only in the entry and no maroon tiles in the dining room...the result is random!! We are hoping to find a way to color those few tiles to look more consistent with the other tiles in the room! Please let me know how it turned out for you!
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I'd love to hear the outcome of this too, but have yet to do anything! i did find a box of extra tile in the garage last month and plan on buying a few stain products (just need to determine a color range that matches existing spaces/new remodeling) to see how they react to the slate; so basically i don't have to ruin the floor to see how the stain takes to the slate. i am almost ready to begin a kitchen remodel (well, I'm ready to begin the estimating process anyway) and this will definitely involve the existing flooring as the areas adjoin each maybe in the (somewhat) near future i will have an answer for you! ill try to remember to post the results so we can all learn what to do/not to do...i just wish the previous owners wouldn't have messed up almost 800 sq ft of fairly costly flooring (its not just the entryway that is multicolored, the dining room and a side room are the same way as well!)...
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