Den room and off that room door is florida newer family room. resale.
Helen Shadding
January 22, 2014 in Design Dilemma
needing to update kitchen. Help please with any suggestions on budget for the next few rooms. Ideas about what to change to lighten up the family room located off of florida newer room. only has ceiling fan light since remodeled room and now NO window. Has dark green carpet and not sure if have hardwood flooring underneath, but will find out. Next will be selling off furniture but need help with fireplace color and bookcase built in area next to it, dark area .no light. Need to sale home estate that has newer homes in military and retirement area.

On a budget but need to spend few thousand to get in shape to sale, it looks great outside brick and all newer updated air and roof but inside is really dated and dark and w all to wall carpet, should we keep hardwood floor if it is under the carpet since it is dark green color but new looking? Thinking about refinishing bathtubs to white in both baths and keeping bathroom cabinets but change counter tops if possible or any suggestions budget. Need help to get people in home to see it, buyers market and forcloser type home market. Great home and very well built and brick no major repairs of home rooms that need updating and which would make home more valuable....Thanks and Help please, any suggestions and I will be trying dent and scratch type store in NC area if I can find items to replace in home resale. Thanks again, God bless.
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I would take out all carpet, where you have hardwood floors. New counter (home depot or similar have ready made) for the bath, new white toilet, tub finished white (or nice shower curtain to cover). Add some tile or vinyl on the floor, new cabinet knobs. Paint everything nice fresh & light colors that blend with or things in room. Updated light fixtures really help too. Nothing needs to cost a bunch, just keep the styles clean & contemporary.
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Is the house in NC or Florida? Couldn't tell from your post. It would make a difference on some of your choices because those two real estate markets are different from one another. Also, the construction is different given the era of the house. If the property is in Fl (you said Florida Room), then see if you can reclaim the terrazzo floors throughout. Terrazzo in Fl is big now and it is less expensive to use what you have under your carpet than to replace with anything (once you pick up the old carpeting and vinyl). If the house is in NC, then naturally check for hardwood. :)
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Since you have the old harvest gold tub and sink, yes - refinish to white on the tub and replace the sink and countertop. Keep the base that you have in this bath. Update the faucet and handles on the sink. Paint the walls. Clean. Remove that storage unit thingy above the w/c. Change out the w/c to a white one and then that's all you need to do for the bath.
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Hi Helen, I commented on your other post for the kitchen, then just seen this one. To draw potential buyers in, you will have to have great curb appeal. I feel the one advantage older homes have over newer is the established neighbourhoods and front yards. You say its nice, so thats great!
I would definitely update the bathrooms as they look the most dated in my opinion. Depending on budget, then make a list of what you need to update, and which would give the most bang for your buck. You will probably get a better feel when furniture is gone and home is painted.
You said there is a florida room. If its a real feature in the home that some of the newer homes wouldn't have, the I would play up that room when it goes on the market with some staging.
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