Colleen Casey EllisJanuary 22, 2014
What are the dimensions of this space?
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Count the tiles... Measured on a diagonal they are about 17" visually there are 3 1/2 tiles across the room. That tells me the room is ~ 5 feet wide. As far as judging the visual length...if the photographer was standing at the door. I would guesstimate 9 feet.
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The W/D are 24" from front to back, that chair is wider than 12". I think the tiles are 16x16" Saltillo by looking at the W/D compared to them. 12" square diagonal is about 16" and 16" square diagonal is about 21" A comparison of dividing the diagonal in front of the washer into thirds and comparing, if that's 12" the washer is too narrow, if it's 16" it comes out about right. With the W/D being a few inches from the wall and measuring across the floor, I'm getting just over five feet wide. I get about 5 diagonals to where the cupboard doors end and the open space with wastebasket starts, at 21" that is almost 9' long. W/D is 4' the end cabinet with chair is 15-18" as it looks like it goes all the way in. Sink area looks about 24" and the second bay 24-30" So I say 11 feet long. So about twice as long as it is wide.
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Okdokegal! You're right they are the larger tiles I figured the image was skewed. How ever across the front of the washer and dryer there is a 2 and 1/4 tile span. That means for a typical washer dryer you need ~52". So that is indeed a larger tile.
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