Update ideas for 60's ranch exterior!!
January 25, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We are trying to figure out what to do with the front porch section on our lake home so it pops instead of disappears. We want to keep it as simple and cheap as possible as the inside needs A LOT of work. We would like to remove the maroon outdoor carpet, replace metal pillars with thick wooden ones, and get a new exterior door for starters (thinking of a DARK solid wood door since roof is brown). However, we are stumped on color to paint (or should we leave it cream colored) and what color do we paint pillars. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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I would keep the mid-century modern style as much as possible--it is great. Crestview has some really nice mid-century style doors and a door visualizer. Definitely get rid of the indoor/outdoor carpet--maybe you can clean and stain the concrete or resurface with flagstone or quarry tile.

I think the cream color is OK if you add a pop of color to the door at least, or maybe paint the whole thing aqua or a similar color if you are daring. I think I would keep the trim dark, or maybe even the same color to keep it clean and simple.

I think posts made out of 2x4 or 4x4 with rectangular openings would look great and are very period. Actually plain round metal posts are very period and could be doubled or tripled to add some visual weight and interest. Angles and assymetrical supports were popular then too, sometimes creating sort of a modern effect, even sometimes including colored glass block and or concrete block. There are a lot of possibilities, depending on your imagination and DIY skills. Crestview also sells midcentury type lattice panels, which might be interesting framed with 4x4s. Elevated planters out of ledgerstone and the like were also popular.

Some low-slung sculptural porch furniture would finish it off. The light fixtures are pretty utilitarian--something larger and funkier might be fun. I have similar ranch-style picture windows. Do not tear them out--storms inside or outside are a much cheaper option to improve energy efficiency, and rope caulk on the inside is a good way to seal any drafts--cheap and easy to use too.

Stay simple and avoid anything too classical or craftsman. I'm including some period type examples to give you a few ideas. Some of them are done in pressure treated wood, which would look much better if treated with an opaque stain or painted. Pressure treated wood needs to weather about a year before priming and painting to ensure good adhesion, or you can sand to remove the slick factory finish. I'm not sure how long you need to wait to stain.

The website RetroRenovation.com has great info, and you might have something others think is terrific--like gold flecked or boomerang formica, metal or wood cabinets, colored bath fixtures--maybe even a pink bathroom or some funky like fixtures. Check it out before chucking it out--it might grow on you, or maybe you can find someone who loves it.
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GREAT suggestions! I checked out both websites and safe to say I am ADDICTED now. Posted more pics of the house and getting great feedback on how to slightly update yet still keep to the original look.
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