Help with tricky living room layout
ssteigerJanuary 25, 2014
Hello nice people,

My large living room has some challenges and I'd love some help. The room is too large to have furniture against the one usable wall, and too small to have the furniture fully centered. Three other rooms enter into this one and leaving room for walking paths is tricky.

On the advice of a designer, I bought large scale furniture and I love my coffee table and couch. But with the couch against the wall the table was too far away. Putting it off center looked dumb. I pulled the couch away from the wall and now everything feels much better but what to do with the space behind? I've seen some pictures of console tables wedged flush between couch and wall so I faked it here with 2x12s. I don't think it looks great put perhaps it will once the wall is fully styled? I also can't figure what to do with the rest of the wall. There is an awkward space now behind the leather chair (which doesn't have to stay). A tall bookcase?

What would you do to make this wall look better? Or would you suggest an alternate furniture arrangement? I'd really like to start moving on to actual decor but I feel I can't get the furniture layout / wall right. Any creative thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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Probably helpful to show a shot of the fake console table /awkward wall space :)
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I would use the console table you currently have in front of the window behind your couch. I think it blocks your windows and the view. The mirror above the sofa is really nice but is not to scale - too small. Replace it with a large piece of art. Can you give a picture of the wall that backs up to the kitchen or dining area?
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Also close the plantation shutters and the bottom louvres. Leave the top louvres open.
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I normally would never suggest furniture in front of a window, especially one as beautiful as yours, but have you ever thought of trying the sofa in front of the window? You would lose the lower part, but there is enough height to the window that you would not lose much light. Place your coffee table in front of the sofa. The wall that held the sofa would be a great place for some club chairs with a beautiful lamp table between them or maybe a chaise in one corner and another chair. (The possibilities are almost endless.). If you do try the sofa in front of the window, would you please post a picture? Thank you, and you have such a beautiful home.
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