How do I arrange multiple living spaces in loft?

swensoaJanuary 26, 2014
I just got an offer accepted on my first home! It's a renovated stationary factory known for its innovated use of concrete. In other words, it's a super cool warehouse/loft type condo. It's two levels, with the first floor being the main living area and the lower floor being kind of my "suite" - bedroom, den, laundry and bathroom.

I don't move in for a few more months, but I'm trying to determine what will go where and what I'll need to buy. My biggest dilemma in my mind is how to arrange the living space. As you walk in, the kitchen is slightly to your left and stairs going downstairs are right in front of you. The kitchen is then open to the main living area (the pics don't do a great job of showing, but it's what I have for now). I love having a dining room table to sit on, so I want to find a way to fit that along with a comfortable seating area. I currently have a small dining room table that seats four (rectangular), a large leather sofa and loveseat and an overstuffed chair with ottoman. For now, I need to stick with that furniture until I save up enough to upgrade. Any suggestions on how to lay out the room? The room is 20 ft from the edge of the stairs/kitchen to the window and 14 feet across. It's also 12 feet tall. Thoughts?
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Wow congratulations! Looks like a great space.
The classic way to arrange this would be the two sofas at right angles, one under the window, the other facing the TV. A table and lamp in the LHD corner near window.
The chair and ottoman at an angle backed into the RH window corner.
Dining table near kitchen.
And then add art, lighting over table, shelving, music etc.
Other options would be -
if you like to sit at the table, having this near the window and the seating closer to the kitchen.
Have you room in the den for one of your seating pieces?
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