Need help with Family Room Makeover!
January 27, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I have never been happy with this room. I attached 3 pictures of what the room looks like now so you all can get an idea of the layout. Sorry the images are dark! I had to use my phone :/ It's hard to tell but that one wall behind the couch that only has 1 picture on it has a sliding door which is why I never put anything against that wall.

This past weekend, DH confessed he has always hated the colors I chose for the chairs and accents! So we decided to get new furniture. The only items that will be staying in the room are the console table, accent table and probably the photo wall. We agreed upon grey for the couch(es), navy for the chairs, a bigger rug also in navy/cream (maybe a trellis pattern) and maybe accents of yellow and cream/off white around the room.

My dilemma comes with all the details. How to set up the room? Do we change the paint? Does a 10x13 size rug seem accurate for all the furniture and size of room? After looking on here for hours, I found a few ways on how we can configure the furniture. It won't let me upload more than 4 photos, so the 2nd configuration that is a possibility is sofa in the middle, loveseat on 1 side (either on blank wall side or bay window side) then 2 chairs across the room from the loveseat. I hope that makes sense!

So depending upon all this, we'll either get 2 sofas in grey and 2 navy chairs, or 1 sofa, 1 loveseat and 2 navy chairs. Please tell me what you think will work (and look) best in our room.
Thank you all so much for your expertise!!!
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In order to help you better, dimensions of the room and a drawing of the floor plan showing doorways, windows and opening would be necessary. It can be rough and hand drawn but will give us a better idea of what can go where.

Also what is the room used for and by whom? Such as, how many people are in there at one time normally. Do you have other activites besides TV viewing there. What other then the decor are you looking to change? Do you need space to put down a drink? To relax more comfortably?

Off the top I would say two much larger chairs in the bay window area would look great with that table between. But that's making a comment on that portion without considering the entire room and your usage.
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Sharon Charboneau, RESA Pro, Interior Stylist
Confused? How does last photo fit in with others? Like this look. Does family room open off of this LR?
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I'll measure the room and get back to you all. The room is our family room so it's where we spend most of our time. We watch tv, play on the floor, etc.

The picture with the navy and orange is one I found on here of a possible configuration we could do in there. We are planning on new furniture and can't figure out whether or not to set up the room like that (2 sofas across from each other with 2 chairs in the middle separated by a side table) or a sofa, love seat on one side of the room and 1 or 2 chairs across from the love seat. Either way we do want a coffee table of some sort in the middle.
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Here are the dimensions of the room. Sorry about the watermarks all over the page. I had to download some trial software.
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Get the rug first.

WHen you post the floor plan, please also post picture of the sliding door wall & on the plan indicate which way it opens.

Love your shelves - kudos!
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Avoid the loveseat. A sofa and two chairs is most flexible.
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Do you think 2 sofas though? Like the setup in the navy and orange room I posted?
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Felixgrantham...the door slides from right to left.
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I am attaching 3 renderings that are in no way style selections. The first is your current layout. The second is your proposed. The third is a suggestion.

The room is quite large and it is important to keep a flow of traffic. In your proposal you would have to walk to the fireplace wall in order to enter the area. You also need to consider viewing angles for the TV/Fireplace.

Since you are savvy with CAD I suggest you try Homestyler which is a free program. It will allow you to try different arrangements. you do not have to join or do anything to utilize this program. It will create flat floorplans and 3d renderings. To save your creations you need to use the SHIFT+PRINTSCREEN option on your keyboard then paste to a image program such as MSpaint.

Fine tune your floor plan then we can shop!
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Your inspiration room looks to be much larger than yours. Apartment sized furniture may work for you.
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