Same curtains, adjacent rooms... same or different height?
January 31, 2014
My dining room and living room flow into each other, but the dining room has an 8 foot ceiling and the living room is vaulted. I want to put the same curtains from the dining room in the living room. I have the dining room curtains set just above the windows because I bought 84 inch panels. I think it looks pretty much ok because of the the low ceiling. However, I would like to get 96 inch panels for the living room and hang them one foot higher than the windows. Will it look weird to have the same panels all along the wall but have the two by the fireplace higher up? My instinct is that it will look ok because of the different ceiling heights, but my husband says no. I do think they will look dinky down at the 7 foot height to match the dining room. I could raise the ones in the dining room by a few inches, but would have to lengthen them somehow. I plan to have two panels on each window by the fireplace. What to do, what to do? (BTW, lots more changes needed and coming to the spaces.) Thanks!
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I should also say that I do want to lower the profile a bit in the room. We plan to replace the TV cabinet with something much lower when we finally get a new TV. In that case, would it be ok not to go high with the curtains by the fireplace, in order to bring the eye down?
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Lori Dennis, Inc.
Ideally, it would look great to hang the drapes close to your ceiling, but because you already have the size drapes you do, I would keep them hung at the same height to continue the clean line across the wall. Even though it's 2 separate "spaces" they till share the same wall and eyesight.
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Thank you, Lori. If I do that, I wonder if I should use a smaller mirror so that it doesn't rise above the curtain line. I had a smaller round one there until I moved it to a bedroom last week. I was looking for more impact when I brought this one out of the attic, but now I realize I simply need to dress those windows.
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I would agree with Lori Dennis, Inc. in keeping the curtains the same height. Just a question about the drapes for the living room windows, do you plan on putting one panel on each side of the window ? Why I am asking is because 2 panels on each window will be too much drape for those narrow windows.
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Mark, I've considered using one panel on each side, but I don't really like it when I've seen it done, especially when mounted low. I'll give it a shot, but I'm also going to try two on each side. I'll mount the rod wide so that I can pull the ones not near the fireplace to the edge of the window. These windows are on the shady side of the house and we don't get a lot of sunlight anyway, so I'm not terribly worried about losing light. thank you!
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I've also considered, instead of drapes, placing crossheads on these windows. They just really need something.
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No harm in trying it both ways and see which looks better. Just a suggestion since the mirror reflects the fan maybe you might want to try a piece of artwork above the fireplace instead.
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If drapes need to be longer you could always put a wide band
At the bottom of the drape in a contrasting fabric which is
Very (IN) these days.
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Since you already have blinds adjacent to your fireplace try making 4 cornices all mounted as high as possible over each of the 4 windows but still covering the top of the window with the bottom of the cornice. Use the same material to upholster the box cornices and trim the edges in an accent color. It would be very sharp, aligned all the window treatments and not too heavy. Look at cornice designs and you can make them yourself with some simple tools and a staple gun for the upholstery. It's a good first project because it's all straight lines. Best of luck.
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Thos. Baker
Sounds like you got the curtain dilemma covered, so I thought I'd ask if you could post a pic with the smaller mirror on the fireplace mantle. The larger mirror is lovely, but I'm thinking it may be a wee bit too big. What other ideas do you have for that space?

Christi, on behalf of Thos. Baker
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Laura Auton
I would hang them the same height I don't think it would be a problem and they match the colors in you living area.
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Thanks everyone. I went to buy two more panels from World Market yesterday, and all they had in stock were two of the longer panels. I bought them and also some fabric to band the bottom of the dining room curtains. Took it all home, taped up the taller panels both low and high and decided it wasn't worth the effort for the extra six inches in height, which is the max I can raise them in the dining room. I ordered two 84 inch panels and will return the others. I'll post when I get them up, which may be next weekend. I'll also try some different mantel decor.

Also, Mark, I did end up getting just one panel per window.

Thanks again!
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I would use the panels ordered to cover cornice boxes( and make sofa pillows) and not hang any panels in the living room. There appears to be insufficient wall space and while it is pretty fabric, it is busy. It will not only become the focal point but make the living room appear smaller. Simpler is better. I would also change out the blinds- when affordable- and use wooden shutters ( half way) for privacy and light. The windows in the living room are very attractive and this would highlight them as a feature.
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