tile dilemma
cmjg69January 31, 2014
what do you think of this tile. It looked dark grey before we put in the pot lights now it has all of these colours coming out of it. I put in bright white led lights against the magnolia cabinets and the floor has blue, purple, red brown and grey now. These led lights have the least amount of lumens even the soft white bring out lots of colour just warmer. Should i skim coat it with a semco concrete product or epoxy it? Am i off? does it read high end or elegant as I'm being told ? To me it screams very casual and we were going for modern classic elegance. Wood wall panels, glass doors, back painted glass, chrome, troweled cement plaster on fireplace wall, soft black, cream and grey base monotone accents. We were thinking to put zebrino chiaro marble on the countertop and backsplash of the magnolia cabinets. We were thinking to use caesarstone raven on the island but is it too close to the floor now. Would this look strange together now? Should i go black? Help pros please!!
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Shauna Cowley Filtz
Not a pro but love the marble for the dark island and my gut says the Cesarstone is not the right choice. Maybe a more brown for the countertop to draw the tone from the tile and keep the marble as the backsplash on the lighter cabinets to add interest. I think it will look very elegant. The floor is gorgeous!
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I don't think it is a bad as you think. What probably bothers you most is that it is not as you expected. I would certainly NOT put anything on it. From the photos, I think it looks quite nice, and does not look too casual. The different shades makes it look a little more like natural stone. The size of the tiles and the dark color gives you the clean rich look that you wanted.

Regarding the countertops, I am not usually fond of putting shades of whites with other shades of whites. To me one will always diminish the other. Same with using dark stone on dark cabinets. I would revisit the stone situation. I would however choose a stone with movement.
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Thank you for the comment. I wasn't thinking brown as the wall opposite the kitchen will have wood paneling and the fireplace wall i thought should be the same colour as the counter in the sightline? Raven has a warm background but i can't help but wonder if a black would suit better but it's almost impossible to find a soft black. Does anyone know if silestone carbon is darker than caesarstone raven and not as dark as caesarstone jet black?
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I think the floor is gorgeous and doesn't look casual at all. I think it's hard to picture because the rest of the kitchen is unfinished. I would be very happy with the floor! Good luck on the rest of the remodel. Looks great so far.
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thanks barb you're right it is totally throwing me off not being as i envisioned. i thought the white with white would be more contemporary. You think having a stone with movement on both spaces is not too much for a more modern space? So are you more of a fan of a light countertop and medium tone back painted glass for the magnolia?
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it makes it difficult with countertops though... should i go for more contrast black and creams or monotone greys and browns
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I think there is no clear choice here. Personally, I like natural stones. Think of the countertop as a piece of art. I am attaching some to look at that may work for you, or at least give you some ideas. These are in no particular order: http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Astoria#1300 http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Black-Thunder#1624 http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Colonial-Cream#923 http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Cosmic-Black#1727 http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Juparana-Colombo#254 http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Oscuro-Mist-Satin#1462 http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Silver-Waves#782

This one is for a "real art piece: http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Van-Gogh#958

Whatever you choose, run it up the backsplash. If you use something different on the backsplash, you will loose the sleek modern look..it will become "patchy".

Continue your search..this is too big to just settle for something. If you have and all "solid" color materials, the kitchen will look quite dull. Modern and sleek does not mean sterile..industrial, it is your home.
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Shauna Cowley Filtz
Have you looked at any quartz? Cambria has amazing product, here is what Laneshaw colour looks like.

They also may have the grey or black you are looking for. Be sure to check them out as well.
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Shauna Cowley Filtz
This is very loosely what I was trying to convey earlier... Dark cabinet, light top. Light cabinet, dark top.
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thank you both so much for your ideas i have been out all day with my son or i would have commented earlier. Hopefully i will have some time after supper to look at the images you sent barb thanks again that is so nice...i have no one to bounce ideas off of so it can be a little daunting at times! shauna that is a nice countertop and kitchen i will have to go out looking again.
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