Desperately need layout help for small space: living room/dining room

ellienyFebruary 1, 2014
Need some ideas on how to layout the dining area and living room. It is an open kitchen layout with a 'study'. Space is extremely limited, but not sure how to best maximize the space and lay everything out. I ideally wanted to keep my dining table (seats 4-6), but may have to ditch that to bring in a seated island instead. My biggest struggle is where to position the sofa/tv/coffee table. All ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
I would create a seating area at the bottom of the room with a 5 foot love seat against the wall and two small upholstered chairs facing the love seat with a small coffee table in between. This will allow approximately 30" on each side for traffic flow.

The space that is left next to the kitchen and below the two windows should be perfect for your existing dining room table and chairs. You should have approximately 9' to 10 feet left for your dining area......
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Love that suggestion ! Wanted to add to it ?! Could you access the study by putting a door opposite the bedroom door - so you then get a wall to put a tv on in the lounge end - and the study could be marketed as a second bedroom possiblily too ?!?!
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Adding a scribble !
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Wow!! These are amazing ideas! I was so limited in my thinking, but these are great and eye opening. Thanks so much! I really like the wall idea.
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The only problem with the layout is that it isn't actually going to be comfortable to watch tv. I'd recommend working with smaller scale furniture and putting the sofa or a compact sectional directly across from the tv if possible. Do you have an Ikea nearby? If so, look at some of their small spaces on the showroom floor for ideas.

Also, for the study turned second bedroom, that bed will be impossible to make up against a wall with tight furniture around it. Most jurisdictions won't market a room without a closet as a second bedroom, but if this is personal use it probably doesn't matter.
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I have a pair of sofas opposite each other and a fireplace one end and the TV the opposite end - so pretty much the same aspect between seating and TV as sketched - when the TV isn't on the set up is great for conversation - and on TV nights it's a great excuse to put your feet up and snuggle on the sofa to watch TV ! and if there's more than two of you watching TV - have the pair of chairs as swivel chairs !
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ellieny, what is your opinon of Japanese furniture? I don't mean Western furniture inspired by Japanese design. I'm just putting it out there. It's not for most people but it will certainly make your space seem spacious.
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Drafting & Soil Monitoring Services LLC
Hi Karen, ....elli, you are limited. But sounds like some of these suggestion have beat me to the punt. No need to say another word. Great work guys!!!!!!
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I have the same setting as OnePlan in my house ... I have 2 chairs that swivel, recline and rock. The swivel action on the chairs allows us to either watch tv or look at fireplace or facing the sofa for conversation.
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ARTCHAUCER art gallery
Have you walked the space or imagined walking through the space to identify the way human traffic flows from room to room? You can print a floor plan and draw the paths. I'd leave the biggest intersections open and include visual work (art or mirrors) on the wall spaces you see as you walk through the space as well as view from sitting, and from other rooms.
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It looks like you'll use the study as a 2nd bedroom, is that right? Do you need to? Would you consider turning that space into a dining room?

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