Which reproduction Eames lounge chair and ottoman to buy
February 17, 2014 in Polls
I've been doing a lot of research on reproduction Eames lounge chairs & ottomans. I have found what appear to be good quality pieces at instylemodern.com ($800) Manhattan Home Design ($1,000) and The Modern Source ($1,000), and Rove Concepts ($1,800). Before I make this decision based on a photo from the internet, I'd be interested to know if others have purchased from these vendors and what their experiences were. I am definitely not going to pay thousands more for the Herman Miller version, so spare me that. Thanks.
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Patricia Colwell
You really need to see them in person the cheaper ones come from China and the chrome finish can be very poor.
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Commenting just so I can follow this discussion. I will be buying one of these soon as well!
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Patricia Colwell
In Canada Lind furniture makes one that is very high quality for a fair price.
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Nancy Travisinteriors
Do more research you can find for better price. I have not used these vendors.
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Had a horrible experience with Rove Concepts customer service. Would not recommend whether they had a good product or not.
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Jeffrey Palmer
great video to help your decision, helps you ask the right questions to the vendors too
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Connor T
Stay away from manhattan home design, its true they don't use the proper brackets and shock mounts. read my yelp review here
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My only issue with Roveconcepts, from Vancouver,BC same as Modern-Source.com (they are probably the same company) is that they have bad reputation for pushing their products on blogs like HOUZZ
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My wife and I recently purchased a Eames lounge chair from Rove concepts. The online purchase was simple. The only thing that bothered me was waiting for the shipping and tracking info. I buy a lot of stuff of amazon and you usually get your tracking number in a day or two. With Rove it took about 8-10 days. They told me they had to ship the chair from there warehouse in the US to Canada first. I did end up getting the tracking number but they don't ship through ups or FedEx or Canada post. It was a company called Vitran. I was a little nervous at first but the product arrived 26 days later undamaged and in good condition. No assembly was required and I was very impressed with the quality. I have and can take photos if anyone is interested. All and all a good experience but don't expect the shipping efficiency of Amazon prime. And no I'm not a Rove employee.
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Like MeganandPaul I will share my experience but with tighter budget :(
I was looking for a chair under $1000 and since I was in New York for vacations, I checked the Manhattan home designs showroom in Times Square, it was helpful to sit on their chairs, check craftsmanship and do a full 'test drive". (They had several ones there)

They showed me a different kind of leathers (aniline vs italian) as well as wood finishes and since my hardwood floors are like a rosewood color I choose the palisender.(not sure if that's the right name)

My concern was about the shockmounts and shipping. I've read that in a lot of the old eames lounges or eames 670 the rubber shockmounts tend to get old and crack after time. So they showed me a new 2014 Silicon G-Schock mount that apparently doesn't get dry and crack after years. That was great http://www.manhattanhomedesign.com/eames-lounge-chair-shockmount.html

Then in term of shipping, they shipped mine via FedEx and got in 3 days so far was a good buy. My only issue was that the FedEx guy didn't want to bring the box to the first floor..so I had to argue with him for few minutes but after a tip he helped me out
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Connor T
I just also did research and found modern-source sells the exact same eames lounge chair as manhattan home design. seems like a good 3-4 companies sell the same chair... which means mass reproduced.
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Manhattan Home Design
Hi Andrew,
Our Eames Chair Reproduction is the closest to the original. Both in design and quality. You can confidently give it a try.

Of Course, Connor T is an employee of our competitors. All his posts in Houzz are written explicitly to bash our company. Needless to say, you can trust us.
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I just received a reproduction of Eames lounge chair and ottoman from Manhattan Home Design. Below are some information on the experience, so you may make a wiser choice.

1) Despite the fact I was told the chair was in stock and that was supposed to mean 1-3 day shipping according to Ron and indicated on website, it shipped 7 days later.
2) The box showed up in a horrible shape, explaining many minor damages (chips & scratches) throughout the wood as the inside reinforcements and packaging were not protective enough.
3) The base of the chair had been installed incorrectly, so I had to disassemble and re-install it the right way. Inexcusable error as the front/back slope of seat cushion was side to side and impossible to miss. It took me a while to figure it out as it looked it had been broken due to the incorrect position of the cushion.
4) There were several scratches around where the bracket contacts the plywood under the seat.
5) I got the white leather and there are several imperfections in the leather, one of which has been touched up with a sealer, which is completely unacceptable.
6) Dirty hand prints on leather in 2 places.
7) Assembly instructions completely improper. The bottom cushion and the 2 armrests are not completely symmetric although close, so there is a chance one might assemble incorrectly.
8) I had upgraded the leather to aniline, although still no where close to the Herman Miller.

Last thing I wanted to do was to return it due to hassle of arranging a return with MHD and starting over again to find a chair, so I decided to keep it. However, I do not recommend this product at all and this company should be ashamed for shipping products with all these quality issues. Having experienced this, many of the other reproductions that I saw at various show rooms in other furniture stores were better than this for an extra few hundred dollars.
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