Carpet in basement? Ugh!
February 25, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We just built our home and have a 1600 sf walkout basement. We built it in the hopes that my parents would come and stay ALOT. (I just moved and they used to be 2 doors down). It is a complete 2 bedroom with 2 baths and full kitchen. We installed large diagonal porcelain tile (my husband and I did it ourselves - which almost led to a divorce!).
Anyway, my folks came for a visit, and had some issues with the tile - too hard and cold. I did get some area rugs, but they are asking if I could put full carpet on top of the tile (so that I can remove when they have passed- which hopefully will not be for many years). They would pay for any expense.

I really dislike carpet, but am wondering if I get it, what kind should I get? Would the pad leave residue on the tile? What do I do for transition to bathrooms and open kitchen area - since there will be a drop back down to the tile? Will that look awful?
What about moisture issues? We have a very dry basement, but the tile does seem cooler and I wonder if it will lead to moisture getting trapped in the pad.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I would do wool sisal-look carpet, this is softer than sisal but gives the same look. Perhaps not wall to wall, but 18" from the walls and bound on the edges. When the time comes to remove it, you may be able to have pieces custom cut to fit some upstairs areas. Not sure how to answer about the pad; talk to the carpet people on that one.
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I'd look into getting room size remnants from a carpeting place, bound on the edges, and maybe get one of these nifty things? You'd not damage the tile, and the rooms will be warmer for your folks while they are using the space, and it can be turned off when not in use.
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You live in South Carolina and your parents are complaining about the cold. Have them visit just in the summer. I say that as a person who lived in Greenville for seven years.
You can get room size carpet from any carpet store. They bind the edges and you throw it down. You can leave as much space around the room as you wish. There will be no problem with transitions because the carpet will not fill up the room. You do not put a pad under this kind of carpet, but it will warm the room. Also is that a gas fireplace? You could have it on all the time they are there. It does give an illusion of warmth. And do you have a separate thermostats for the basement? That helps also.
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They did visit in October, so I'm sure that had an effect on the coolness factor. They live in Florida, so they like the warm!
The other problem was the hardness of the floor. Originally, I had considered installing vinyl flooring, but we ended up with the tile. The fireplace is gas, and they used it a lot. The basement does have a separate thermostat and HVAC. My parents had the heat on downstairs, and I had the air on upstairs. Lol.
Thanks for the suggestions!
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You have a great basement! The tiles are done very nicely (and I am glad you and your hubby are still together!). We have the same diagonal large tile in our 2-bdrm basement and I love it, but I wish we could turn back time and install heated floors under the tiles as they do get quite cold in the winter.

My solution is larger rugs that have a backing built into them (like a grip-like material) so I don't have to lay a pad underneath, and they work fine. I have a large 8 x 10 in my living space, smaller 7 x 9's in the 2 bedrooms, and I laid a long runner in the kitchen.
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Putting carpet on top of tile should not be a problem. You'll have padding under the carpet. Berber is a good choice if you don't like the regular cut-pile. There are transition strips, made of wood or marble, for where the carpet ends. There are so many choices for carpet now and you can choose a pattern that looks like a rug. Happy Decorating.
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Forgot to mention that sisal can look great with area rugs on top if you desire more color or pattern than is in the carpet.
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A cork floating floor can be installed over top the tile without any problem. There is no residue because there is no "attaching" the cork to the subfloor. The sound will be greatly improved, the basement will increase in warmth, softer on the feet and will look great/like a hard surface floor.

Transition strips come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Any flooring store can help you with what ever you decide.
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