Any advice on how to make my living room look better?
doni123March 3, 2014
I've been struggling to finish decorating my living room. I think it looks like it unfinished and a bit random... Any advice?
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The view you are presenting is limited we would need a rough floorplan with sizes. From what I can see I suggest the following:

1. Paint the fireplace surround in black outside the tiles.
2. Mount the TV to the wall.
3. Remove the family pictures and put them on another wall perhaps on the other side of the fireplace.
4. Paint the console in a grey or beige from the fireplace tiles. With the TV wall mounted you can put some items on the console keep it simple no more then 3 or 4 mid sized items.
5. Get a coffee table and paint it the same color also the end table.
6. Put 3 large items on the fireplace. I suggest from what I see one of the tall brown vases, the elephant and the chimney sweep.
6. Put the other tall vase down on the ledge.
7. I can see you worked hard matching colors on the flower arrangement but the entire thing is a bit overpowering.
8. The metal hanging although a perfect size lacks color. I suggest mounting a painted wood or fabric piece the same size behind it in your accent colors.
9. Unless you need the fan for ventilation it should be removed.
10. The drapes should be a lighter color with a smallish pattern.
11. The accent pillows should correspond with the drapes.
12. Alter the lampshade to correspond with the new color.

Some color suggestions below:
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I agree with 1, 3, and 7 .
It's a really nice room.

I think the main thing that makes it feel unfinished is the decor items which don't really go together well yet. Here some suggestions for your consideration: The flower arrangement is so tall it dwarfs the lamp at the other end of the couch. Could you try the flowers in a lower smaller vase? I assume the snow man is seasonal and will disappear. If the skis are permanent decor perhaps mount them on the wall?--and if you're going for outdoorsy with the fish pillow and skis, then I think reconsider the large metal art work above couch and the floral arrangement (and vice versa). The round plate is too small, I would find it a new home. The fireplace mantel has way too much on it: try to simplify and post some new photos. The cushions on the couch are very nice.
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Tv mounted onto the fire place ,the ceiling light is too bulky for the room,add a rug and a coffee table ( only if you decide to mount tv on the wall) and remove those vases and put thm on the floor ( the tall ones)
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CDR Design
Lucidos gave you some great advice. As she said, we need a couple of more angles to give you any more advice. From what I can see, you have a large love seat and 2 large chairs.

I am going to add to Lucidos.

13. The tv should be mounted on the wall, as she said. Center it on the wall.
14. Remove the 2 chairs. Move the love seat to where the 2 chairs are.
15. Obtain 2 smaller chairs and place them along the wall where the love seat is now.
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