Please give exterior paint ideas for Mission Spanish Revival bungalow

Chris WarrenMarch 7, 2014
Closing on this house soon and I'd love to paint it something more than the standard off-white and ocher family exterior colors I usually see. This house is about 200 yards from the inter-coastal waterway and a mile from the beach in a holiday area. The arched front door is Florida pecky cypress which was painted flat white. I'd like to strip it if possible and stain fairly dark and seal. The hibiscus will go, probably, as maybe will the awnings. The windows under the awnings are aluminum rectangle beauts from the 50's which will stay for the time being. Not sure about the tiny porch. The south neighbor has a cute house and the one to the north is standard white. Like always, I'm thinking, I'd like a medium blue or aqua, but I'm open to anything except lavender.
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Elizabeth S
I like the medium blue idea!! (I'm always suggesting aqua or teal.. My favorites!) I think that would make the house stand out! I found this picture of a Spanish revival-esque (a little hard to tell since it's small!) in a nice medium blue..
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Sarah Gari
I'm thinking light creme/yellow with spanish style awnings, check out-
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anne dee
trim detail in blue paint with ironwork trim at the windows and outdoor lanterns
Click under pic for additional info
Carson Poetzl, Inc. · More Info
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Sarah, love that home you posted. The colors are fabulous :)
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I agree with you about getting rid of those shutters. They hide the beauty of the house. If you get a chance you could have some outstanding windows that will bring out the architectural features of your home. If you get the opportunity to change out your aluminum windows, I think you will see a big change in the overall look of your home. Something like these windows in the photo on the left. Look at this inspiration photo below (hover over it to expand and click on the name for details)
Exterior · More Info

Here is another one with a similar shaped parapet to your home (or at least the attempt on your home!)
Josh Wynne Construction · More Info
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What a great house. Since I am on the left coast, I just love mission revival spaces! I too have a spanish influenced home with a tile roof. So I have had to work through colors that work.

This is a cool house - keep the awning at the front door for now but lose the rest. I will give you three color combos to test. They all have different personalities . . I'll make suggestions for how to treat the entry awning at front door and garage tone to echo - you can keep that one if you paint them but you need to lose the others - they downgrade the house and make the inside dark. Eventually you may replace the entry with a real entry sunbrella awning (but they do wear out). At the end I'll give you coordinating exterior post lamp suggestions too.
Three schemes - contemporary, bright throwback, & unique+classic

The most contemporary
My first suggestion is a yellow (not a typical ochre) - bm warm&toasty
A with this, to make it cool, paint the awning, and garage door a kind of galvinized silver / gray. Rustoleum spray paint for the awning, but like sw tinsmith for the garage door and any trim - this will resonate off the window frames. Go ahead and paint the mailbox and the iron railing too . . it will be a mod florida version of the revival until you get your own awning plan. This Do a deep straight charcoal front door - like bm stormy sky

The brightest throwback
Second suggestion is a blue-green-gray - very muted because with peach next door aqua is going to go off like a flame unless you get the subtle ocean color. An amazing shade is bm grenada villa (tested by the carribean sun!) bm night shade on the garage door
do the front door in a sweet lime shade / like bm landscape - keep trim grenada villa
with this, use oil rubbed bronze on all the metal / including the lamp post and I'll show you a new post lamp below. Underside of awning - a quart of bm heavenly blue in both schemes. If you have patience, masking and spraying your aluminum windows with orb (oil rubbed bronze) rustoleum (see sherry petersik's excellent spray paint tutorial at

The most unique and classic - get the strong aqua on the front door paired with olive and khaki
Finally, for the stucco here's a classic khaki pants color - will look amazing and dignified on this house
Use an olive drab rustoleum spray paint on the canopy and bm dark olive on the garage door to make it unique and use a blue green door like bm boca raton - use orb on the railing and lamp post light / house numbers. underside awning, mix some khaki into leftover white and go for it.

May I suggest that you cut 1/2 of the hibiscus / ball / hedge it instead of pulling it out? They recover fine and since you have a large lawn that needs attention so you might as well keep something mature. Consider covering the long with dimondia - a flowering low groundcover that always looks good and unless you are playing touch football every weekend will hold up to traffic well.

Finally - light fixtures for that post - for the bronze and olive accent schemes - a true el camino real echo
for the yellow and gray - get this in textured black and you won't have to paint the pole

some oversize house numbers set on an angle in the space to the left of the door and voila! instant chic through paint (and a fixture)

Congrats on your new space!
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Here's my childhood home in San Diego - the paint color is "Muddy River" (not sure which as both Olympic and Pittsburgh Paints have this color name).,-117.133093&cbp=13,259.9,0,0,0&cbll=32.742012,-117.132815&q=3446+utah+street+san+diego&ei=KEMaU-yiDoG8iAfLoIGwCA&ved=0CDoQxB0wAA
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Chris Warren
@anne dee-I have similar schemes saved, but the whites here so close to the coast get "rusty" looking which is one reason why I was thinking color. @Denita-windows aren't in the budget yet, but I'm thinking along your lines when I have the money.
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Chris Warren
@ soberg. My brother lives a couple blocks from your old house in North Park-great, funky area, and it has the "vibe" I'd like to bring to this house.
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Chris Warren
@libradesigneye-love your out of the box suggestions. I was thinking how to bring out the detail on the house since right now, with a tiny lot line, it looks like it's connected with the northern neighbor from southern angles. I'm quite patient and handy so I'll do whatever is going to make this house shine. Would you leave the little border at the top of the parapet the same as the rest of the sides, or go a few shades darker or lighter, or really go for contrast? And would you somehow hi-light the lines of the chimney, which is what attracted me to this sweet house? I'd like to stain the door if possible. The wood is gorgeous and I have about 5 more doors on the inside which weren't painted. It looks gorgeous with a little stain and/or sealer.
Pecky Cypress Double Entry Doors · More Info
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anne dee
Here is a BMexterior paint colour Rattan which would look nice with your wood elements
(maybe it's too light)
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OMG - that arched door and doorway is gorgeous - my mom has picked pecky cypress panelling in an office space in hre 1960's home in the southwest. Forgot that you mentioned these and went off in search of something "not ochre" A walnut stain will work with the blue or khaki schemes, though for the yellow home I would be more tempted to reclaim it (they are hard to sand out once painted due to the pecky pattern - you will probably do better with strippers / natural strippers) but if it doesn't all come out this option might work better for you. For the sunshine house, what if you wash / stain it a driftwood color (where the pecky comes from anyway) and paint out the hardware black or a sort of raw steel iron tone for contrast. Then you can shift the gray we pulled to a warmer greige - gray to match whatever gray tones you get from the entry door wood.

The parapet edge is wrapped in sheet metal. I think it would be a shame to highlight that when it is the facade lines that really give these flat roof parapets presence. If you want to do so, you would use the same metal finish. But, it doesn't encompass the entry / fireplace elevation area. The fireplace seems to be a part of the entry element that stands off from the main home. It is the architecture / shadows / shape itself that is so charming - it does not need a special paint treatment. In the long run, you may want to do an arched juliet sort of awning with ironwork that riffs off this inspiration doors' ironwork flourishes.

The one element that probably calls for some attention (since you asked for "out of the box") are the "circular drain pipes" in decorative patterns at garage and far left, plus the lazy S and the niche at the entry. If you leave windows as is, I wouldn't "DO" anything except clean them really well. You could always use a watered down wash of the garage door color over the base color on the circle pipes and the INSIDE of the niche to deepen them against the base tone without making it complicated . . . not sure about that lazy S and if it might just be a scraped area of stucco because an iron detail used to hang there. As long as you keep the front awning which is not true to period but is very practical until you go a different direction, you need to ignore that and paint it out.

Because your stucco is such a heavy dash, you may need to power wash here regularly if the rain isn't enough to wash the little shelves all the way down teh wall dust wise. She is a true beauty and someday you might want to do cascading half circle stairs all around an expanded porch square - like this but larger and you could use the patterned tile on the riser faces . . .. .
just for the curvy steps folks i'm not advocating a cottage portico[houzz=
Cottage portico · More Info
] fyi this is 4 stairs up and smaller than yours . . .

can also place stair railings (with filigree like your inspiration above?) at 4:30 and 7:30 if you need them
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Chris Warren
Thank you all for your ideas. I'm never daunted painting an interior room since color choice mistakes are relatively easy to fix. But exteriors are a different matter if gotten wrong after all the paint has been mixed. I can't wait to close and rent a power washer.
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There are professionals here that can show you what the color will look like on the exterior of your home either through photoshop or another professional program. Naturally you would have to coordinate it with how it will show on your home in real life. It might be a good idea to see it before you select the paint :)
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Most importantly, you need good landscaping!
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Chris Warren
Thanks Denita, I did use photoshop and one other paint program before I posted here. The results looked flat and boring, and I'm trying for a bit of eclectic whimsy.
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anne dee
This site may be interesting
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Well, Chris, you DO live in Florida, and what's always attracted me most about southern Florida homes, are the beautiful fairy tale colors! My favorite color is blue, especially aqua - since you obviously like it too, why not go for it?!

The entire chimney wall behind your stained front door should definitely be highlighted - possibly the medium blue you mentioned? To balance your house, medium blue on the far left wall, also.

Please don't yank the hibiscus! Transplant it somewhere else in your yard - every Florida home needs a minimum of one in the yard! You desperately need a palm tree in your front yard, and don't forget the white fairy lights!

Not sure about getting rid of the awnings - in Florida, they're actually functional, because they provide shade to your rooms and help reduce air conditioning bills. They look like they either need to be replaced or repaired/repainted though.

Almost forgot your garage - it needs to recede...any chance you could replace it with a wood look-alike garage door in the same stain as your front door?

I love your new home! Once you're moved in, I'd love to see interior photos!
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I like the traditional white or maybe butter yellow but add some dark wood trim along the roof line and the same dark stained door and garage door.
Patio layout showcasing our unique stone elements in architectural settings. · More Info

See- Guadalajara Talavera Mexican Tile
Find some beautiful Spanish tile with yellows and blues and wrap the curved front entry in tile. You could use wrought iron details on the front of the house and at the porch. Tie everything together with wrought iron lighting. If you have the budget, put in Saltillo tiles along the edges of the driveway.

A great landscaping plan will make your home the nicest on the block.
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Chris Warren
Thanks, Cyndy. I actually live in Co and have decided to move my empty nest to the beach. I grew up in S. California and have always admired Spanish style houses, but they were always white or tan. I love to garden, and look forward to again living in a place where there's a good chance a tomato will make it to ripe before the snow flies. I won't yank the hibiscus, I have them here on my porch for summer, although I might have to move it to give the foundation some love and the termites the boot. The house faces west so some awning-action will probably be necessary with those fabulous single pane windows.
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There won't be any snow flying in Daytona, Chris--ever! So plant your tomatoes and while you're at at it, hang a bird feeder too. You can pick up bags of dirt cheap bird seed at Walmart. And you'll enjoy all the different birds you will see - make sure to buy an excellent bird identification book!
Aqua definitely needs to go on the "main" part of your house, Chris, and I love the dark stained front door.
For landscaping, you might also want to consider crepe myrtle trees and palmettos. Both are native to Florida. And, as I mentioned before, lots of tiny white angel lights, not just on your trees but your house too! Floridians keep them up all year round.
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Hi Chris - it's too soon I know, but don't forget us and come back with photos as you make progress. This is a neat and unique home - thank you for sharing your thought process with us.
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Chris Warren
Thank you, I will. The inside has nice big rooms and 9 ft ceilings. There are some "interesting" additions, so I'm quite inclined to unwind or improve some of them and slip in a powder room somewhere.
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Susan Dillon
My St. Petersburg mission revival, 1924 built, is a blast. And an ongoing challenge as all old homes are. Terra cotta block building. Flat roofs - 3 different flat roofs, two more sloped roof addons. Mine was a tan mud color when we bought it, painted a fiesta blaze color ....that came power cord orange that a pilot friend said he used as a navigation aide flying in for several years. 12ish years later, and the orange is now a faded pink. (We could tell from digging through layers it had been a bold red and various whites and pinks and perhaps a blue in the past, too.) So don't fret on your color, it will change with time. Our neighbors all with browns and whites all went more bold after we did. One of the several other mission revivals we drive past nearly every day is a rich bold dark fresh new terra cotta pot looking color, another a more poppy yellowish orange color. I could provide images if you want to see. Enjoy your mission revival home!
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Chris Warren
What a happy looking house! I love the contrasting outline across the roof and on the window arches. I'd love a bright coral, but since the neighbor's house is your house's color six years ago, I was looking for something to harmonize with it.
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