Help with backyard design!!
March 8, 2014 in Design Dilemma
I need suggestions what to do above wall area. I put new wall in last year when I leveled my yard. The large mulch area above has plastic weed minimized under it from long ago. Last year I ran out of money and know it will take a few years to get this improved.
I want color and low maintenance
I live in Massachusetts
The area has late morning early afternoon sun in front when leave are on trees
I like more of an organized look than messy English garden look
I don't have a watering system up there will use hand held
I do have Deer, squirrel ,turkey's in yard often :(
Under this area I have a septic system so I guess no deep roots in landscape
Please help
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How about a water feature? A meandering stream with a little waterfall
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Chicago Roof Deck & Garden
If you need to add in over time, look to plant material that will spread in the foreground. Sedums, Ivy, etc. In the mid ground use larger perennial grasses like miscanthus or switch grass. For the background use a grouping of open woody shrubs like forsythia or burning bush. Dont force the formal look too much as all of the natural material will make your garden look out of place.
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Joie de Vivre
Hi !

Looking at the pictures of your garden, I think the rolling bench could be a great addition. The rolling bench is really useful.
Thanks to the wheels, the rolling bench will offer you enough versatility by moving wherever you would like. For example, you can easily move the rolling bench to follow the sun's rays.
And, thanks to the wheels you can move the bench anywhere you would like, so it’s not a problem to mow the lawn.

Please find below a link to the website. Let me know what you think about it.


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Dar Eckert
Go to a local landscaper and get a plan drawn. I'm not sure what will survive there with the plastic. Since this is such a natural looking area a relaxed landscape seems like the best bet. How about a fire pit back there? Too bad you took out all the trees, they would have been the easiest to maintain.
Jones Road
Santa Barbara Modern Ranch
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Curt D'Onofrio
Since you got the septic system there i would go with grass. Ornamental grass looks excellent as in the above photo. I think creeping phlox will look good traveling along the wall
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Ditto, Curt's ideas! Two other plants that I have that are pretty drought tolerant and seem to do well in shade or sun are spiderwort and turtle's head. Not sure how they are with the wildlife.
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I live in an area with deer, squirrels, and turkeys. A local garden store.....not a big box store...should have a list of deer resistant plants for your area. Our place has started an area of the store that is only deer resistant plants. They will also know what shrubs will work. In our zone we mostly plant potentilla. Don't know if you have that. Also the shrubs with stickers or a strong scent, like barberry and juniper are usually deer resistant. BUT you will have to cover or spray everything at the beginning of the summer and the end because they will eat anything then. I could go on forever but oftentimes our garden stores have workshops on deer resistant plants. That is your first concern. Grass will work, but you need to get it in immediately because it needs cool weather and lots of water to get started. Like watering three times a day. Pretty area you live in. Don't try to gussie it up too much. It is easier to care for and actually looks better if you keep to the natural woodland look.
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Jeanne Wolf
My suggestion is to go on a garden tour. Like open house for the garden club. You will eat your heart out. I recently went on the garden tour in Deland, Florida and found a lot of great ideas.
If you want to tile paths cheaply go to the HABITAT FOR HUMANITY thrift shops. They sometimes have builder's leftovers. I buy 18" ceramic tile and turn it over for a garden path. The underside is non slip and matches my natural flower pots.
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I would suggest putting in some flowering bushes that are hardy to your area and doing some minor lower-lying plants around those. Viburnum, mock orange, mountain laurel, lilac might be some good options for bushes. I'd also consider daylilies for color with low maintenance. Heuchera and geraniums will also be good ground covers with various color options that are more plant-like than 'ground cover'-like. Also consider plants that have a naturally tight mounding habit if you like to keep things neat. Most sites where you can purchase plants (like Michigan Bulb, Brecks, Park, Wayside, etc etc) will give you this kind of information (as well as notifying you whether or not plants are deer-resistant). Make sure to cut through the plastic when you put things in to allow root development, too. If you decide to add dirt or mulch, consider looking up to see whether you can get these resources from your city (it is often significantly cheaper or even free, and some cities will deliver the goods to your house, too).
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