HELP! Which bathroom layout would you choose?
March 12, 2014
We are adding 2 bathrooms to our second floor, one master and one for kids. This is in addition to an existing bathroom at the top of the staircase. There is really no choice but to put the new kids bathroom next to the existing bathroom. What are the pros/cons you see?
Which layout would you choose?

Thanks in advance for advice!
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If possible keep the bathrooms a mirror image of each other with the toilet sharing one wall.
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Amy Stokes
I'm assuming the bath on the right is the new one, which is why you can't do as suggested above and have the plumbing mirror each other. It would be cheapest to have all of the plumbing for both bathrooms in one wall. If the bath on the left is existing, i would at least save some money and keep the plumbing for the second bath in one wall. The vanity sizes appear to be the same in both layouts, so I would go the cheaper route and go with the second layout.
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@dytecture, I'm not a designer so may I ask why you suggest the baths mirror each other? I do think it would be more pleasing visually, just wondering why. If the bath on the right is the new one, would your 'mirror' concept work if the 2 tubs were on the shared wall?
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Mark Bischak, Architect
I like the plan on the left and I like Dytecture's advice if it's possible. If you are in a cold climate, do not put the shower head on an exterior wall. Swing the door into the room.

Is the first floor roof outside the bathrooms new? It appears there is a valley directing water to a wall.
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kathleen MK
Mirroring helps them share plumbing lines. As mom of three, I'd say having the tub and or toilet in a separate area can ease squabbles.or at least keep the door banging out of the hall. Easier to share plumbing lines than shower times:-)
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Thanks for all the advice. The new bathroom is the one to the left of the other, so we can't entirely share plumbing.

Yes the roof is existing, from an old bump out of the kitchen.

Does anyone think it is strange to walk up the stairs and be presented two nearly identical bathrooms side by side?

Just seems like such a strange flow.
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Mark Bischak, Architect
Call one "Deja" and the other one "Vu".
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Yes I think it's strange to have 2 identical side by side. Can the one one the left be redesigned to have a door from the adjacent back bedroom, and remove the hall door?
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sorry, I misspoke. the new bathroom is the one on the right of the other, the one at the top of the stairs exists already.
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Who will be the users of these 2 bathrooms? Just kids in the family? Any guests that are staying in an upstairs guest room? Of so which is the guest room? I think the best entry door position may depend on how you plan to use them.
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I would arrange the new bathroom in the mirror image of the original, with the bathtubs back-to-back. Locating plumbing on an exterior wall is not a good idea. The door should open into the room, or you could use pocket doors on both bathrooms. If both bathrooms are intended to serve all four bedrooms, the side-by-side layout is fine. You'll have about 6 feet of wall space between the bathroom doors.
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We're thinking bedroom 1 is the guest room since it is smallest. Kids will be in bedrooms 2-4 (one girl, one boy, and one TBD with arrival imminent).

We are leaning toward the layout that moves the door to the other side even it is more expensive plumbing-wise. That way bedrooms 1-2 funnel into existing bathroom and bedrooms 3-4 use the other. And then we avoid the awkward moment at the top of the stairs looking into 2 bathrooms.
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It's unusual to have 2 side-by-side identical bathrooms in a private house, but not in a bad way. I would give the unusualness factor no negative weight whatsoever. If you need those 2 bathrooms, may as well have them there right in the hall where they're convenient. I would definitely give them either names or numbers (Rocky and Bullwinkle? #1 and #2? #3 and #4? Left and Right? etc.) on the door - partly for fun and partly for practicality - to simplify the homeowners discussing cleaning and maintenance as well as telling guests things like, "I left towels and shampoo for you in bathroom #3".
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I think your plan makes sense for 1-2 to share the existing left bathroom, and 3-4 to share the right one. I like the 2nd plan with the door on the side to disguise that they are right next to each other. But please heed the advise that the plumbing should not be on an exterior wall, so I think you need to rearrange the fixture layout, even if it means moving the door farther to the right on that side wall and losing your window seat.
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