My home doesn't have a true front door!
March 12, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Our "front" door isn't on the front of our house, it is on the side. Our short-term improvements involved adding a pergola to mimic a front doorway and using planters to bring the eyes to the side of the house. Of course, everything is even more sad looking this time of year! But I would love to know what my remodeling options are.
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Alexander Makarov
What's wrong with the door on the side instead of the front?
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Your house is turned sideways so to speak, and is very common. Try not to worry about it as it doesn't need fixing.
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Can you post a site plan so we can see the relationship of the entrance to the driveway and the sidewalk? And what rooms are where?

One thing you can do is make a wider, more visible path to the entry
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It's cute! And I like the archway you added. @216Sharon on twitter
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kathleen MK
Like your window box arrangement. The lamp and arch identify the door pretty well. Accenting the walk way could help.
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I agree that a wider, more distinctive pathway to the gate will help highlight the entryway. Consider red brick in a herringbone pattern to give color and texture and plant some low growing perennials along side. You could even install low voltage or solar lights all the way to the entrance. The box arrangement is nice but it draws the eye to the other side of the house.
I don't know if this will sound the way I want it to mean, but the white pergola looks a bit too airy or thin. Something more substantial in a thicker, denser wood perhaps with a swinging gate and a "Welcome" sign, would beckon guests.
By the way - great swing off that big ol' tree!
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Hi - I think the changes you made are nice, I think it just needs to be a bit more substantial. I think I would try something like this - get another set of shutters to match the window on the left. Put them on the smaller window and then make a planter box that fits in between the shutters. The height of the box should be from the window to the bottom of the shutters - even if you drop the planter down from the window a few inches.

I would definitely increase the walkway. It needs to be at least doubled in size. The lines for the walkway can follow the planter - and widen as it gets closer to the driveway. When you increase it - continue to the door - giving yourself a large porch.

The color of the pots needs to be another color - the color now is faded into the background. Try reds, blues and greens. All the pots should be the same color...

The trellis entry needs to be beefed up. Beef up the posts and while doing so make it higher. Get as close to the bottom of the roof as you are allowed. If you can widen the trellis, so that it goes from the neighbors driveway to your house. Put the pot to the inside of the trellis and add a few more colored pots. If you can, have the trellis rebuilt and include a screen. So the entire piece would be "L" shaped. This would mean removing the plants, but right now, clip back the plant, so it doesn't encroach on your porch and entry to the front door. If you build a screen, it should have a climbing rose or some kind of trailing vine...

The light is nice, but if you increase the walkway you may want to move it, more towards the street and towards your neighbors yard. Incorporate a new lower post (maybe in brick) at the driveway or somewhere there abouts... The large post should have a plant (or planter) at the base.

Also the chair is cute, it should be angled, and placed by your neighbors driveway and your walkway.

Also the downspout should be moved to face the street...
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