Major dilemma-What paint color to choose for the walls?
March 12, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Unable to decide ... Some color choices I was thinking about can be seen in the attached pictures as well as part of the area to be painted. Some background info: 20x11' room, no natural light whatsoever...just a fluorescent light and/or halogen lights.
Current flooring is a pinkish gold color carpet. The room itself is mostly used as a media room with some entertaining on occasion. I would prefer to choose a dark color but common sense ( I.e. future sale ability) dictates I choose something somewhat lighter.

Any thoughts on the suitability of the colors I'm considering? I'm not limited to the colors chosen ...I'm open to any suggestions.


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Samuel Benbow
there are so many grays, the middle row is probably too dark. the upper left seems to have almost a golden undertone that could play off the carpeting well, similarly the upper right has the pinkish undertone. The neutrality of gray works wonders with everything you want to play off it, but definitely don't settle if you're not sure. With no natural light, it could look very cave-y.
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I think it's going to be all about your light. I like the middle left - the darker grey. I think it would go with your carpet better. Two of the others have a pinkish caste to them and I think they would enhance the pink in the carpet. The greenish one (upper left) would be my second choice.

Monitors show color differently so keep that in mind.

But like I said its all about your lighting. Heres a couple darker grey basements that really came out nice.

[houzz=Classical Shingle]
[houzz=Basement media room with sectional sofa and giraffe texture carpeting]
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Middle right is best. Too right too washed out lacks depth. Top left too green and blah. Middle left too dark. Bottom left also too washed out. Middle right is warm rich and sophisticated, stay in that color family, it's not too pink or green, very nice. Still rich but not too dark.
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Is the long patch on the bottom an option? I think that's a nice mid tone grey. Not too dark or too brown.
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ALS depends on flooring choices and the mood you are trying to set.
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Skinhack, there is no guarantee that our monitors are showing true colours, so polling results should be considered suspect. If this concerns resale, choose whichever is a greige - closest to taupe - to take the carpet into consideration.
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I like one of the top two choices. I am afraid the two on the bottom row will become too dark without the natural light.
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Are you selling in the next five years? If not, do what you want and be happy while you're there. it makes no sense to decorate your home for a stranger you may not ever even meet.
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Thank you all for your comments- very much appreciated.
FYI, the color eventually chosen is the long patch along the bottom - a griege. Now onto the next issue ... Accent colors.
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Sybil Jane Barrido, ASID, CID - SJVD DESIGN
Top left
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Ward Designs
In order to recommend accent colors it would help to get an idea of the furniture you're planning to put in the room. Can you show us a pic or describe? Thanks.
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