New home under construction with bathroom window issue
March 19, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We are purchasing a spec home under construction. We noted on the house plans there was a window in the shower and ask the builder his plans for this. He admitted he did not realize the window was in the shower and would find a solution to the problem. He told us omitting the window would not look right since this is on the front of the house. The window is already in. He says he will blacken the window to hide the studs and finish on the outside. Inside he would tile over this. We are wondering how this blackened glass is going to look later. Will it peel? Any thoughts. Seems to us there must be a better solution. Thank you.
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
Don't do it.....

Keep the window as a window.

Use obscure glass.

We design bathroom / shower / tub / windows in the fronts of houses on some of our designs and we make it work.......You can too.......

I usually have obscure glass and I prefer casement type windows because you can open them a crack and no one can see in. Make sure that the window opens in the direction of the least people traffic for the best privacy.

Sometimes I use an awning style window too, but this must be a relatively small window that is high up on the wall.

Choosing the right type of window will make a world of difference.

Also us a vinyl window that won't mind getting wet.
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Thank you. We actually were thinking about eliminating the window altogether. This is the front elevation. Do you think it would look ok to remove the window, stucco like the rest of the house, then plant a palm tree there?
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Silverthorne Home Builders
I think it would balance okay without the window, if that is still possible based on your stage of construction. Are you using a landscape designer or architect? Placing a small palm or something if the like would be an absolutely perfect idea to help the flow.
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It will look fine without the window and you'll save yourself many potential headaches.
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I think it would look better to keep the window. We have a window in our walk in shower and I love it!
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I have an awning type window high up in my shower just like Lampert Dias recommended. This looks like it would be fine over a tub, but it seems too low for a shower.
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