How to determine correct size of a chandelier for a bdroom

janb4145March 20, 2014
My bedroom is 450 sq feet and I want to determine the correct size (dimensions)
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Lights Online
Here's our guide to finding the right size for fixtures. Ours works in feet, though, and not square feet for ambient chandelier use in bedrooms. Let us know if you need more help!
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GN Builders L.L.C
There is no fixture size guide for a square foot area because there could be a large fixtures which give you low lighting effect or a small fixtures which give you large amount of light and vise versa.... just pick something that give you sufficient amount of light you looking to get and to achieve the look you want as light design goes and you be all set.
If you post a picture of your bedroom someone could give you some ideas with fixture selection.
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Creative Lighting
The general rule of thumb is to take the room width and length and add them together to get your diameter. So, if your room is 12w x 12L, the diameter of the fixture should be about 24". This is a good starting point, but there are other factors involved such as, the visual weight of the fixture, the style of the fixture, and the primary function of the fixture.

A fixture that is light, airy, and open would lend itself to something larger than the rule of thumb total. Whereas a very heavy looking, dark, more solid fixture may need to go smaller in scale. The amount of "visual space" the fixture holds can make a big difference.

What style of fixture are you looking for? A flush mounted fixture will in most cases be a bit smaller in diameter than a chandelier. A semi-flush fixture will offer more light than a flush mount fixture...which leads to the next question.

Is the fixture serving as supplemental lighting or is it the main, or only, lighting source for the room? Depending on it's function you can either up or downsize. If this is the only light in the room and you would like a lot of light, be sure to find a fixture that maximizes light output, even if you have to push the size.
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