I LOVE this look but I'm in Southeastern PA. Do you have any suggestio
March 26, 2014
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ricardo marinho paisagismo ltd
The project should be adapted to your location. No problem
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Thanks! Any suggestions for plantings for a similar look in zone 6?
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ricardo marinho paisagismo ltd
Please send the exact location - interior or exterior- and I can do a project for you.
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That sounds wonderful. I'm located in Broomall, PA and I need privacy along an unattractive 6' high fence line. Initially, I plan to start at one end and work on an area about 18'-20' wide. The neighbor's side has a few evergreens in that section but the planting area would have several hours of direct western exposure. It would be protected by the house once the sun was low enough in the sky. The area in front of the fence is rather low and collects water during a soaking rain. I'm currently adding some stones as a first layer so anything I plant won't drown in standing water. I plan to build up the area by about 4"-6" with topsoil. The good news is that anything I plant will have the fence as an anchor. I love how you used a combination of silver/green and purple/red.
Any suggestions you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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ricardo marinho paisagismo ltd
We could make a project for your wall. Consisting of plant selection and the composition on the wall, the irrigation system for it and the design of the supporting structure.

My private e-mail is ricardo@ricardomarinho.com.br, we can use it for further discussions, and I could also send you some more pictures or drawings.

My web site is: www.ricardomarinho.com.br
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Amelia B. Lima & Associates
Hello Gena,
The secret to building a green wall for your specific application would be to select plants that will be adapted to your climate zone.
The book The Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc offers a long list of plants that, from his experience, are adpeted to different climates to grown on a green wall situation.
Without seeing your site and you specific situation it is hard to make suggestions.
    Bookmark   November 26, 2014 at 11:50AM
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