Need Help! Shutters, Door, lights, landscaping, etc.
March 28, 2014
Hello everyone! I've been lurking around for a while, but this is my first post. We just purchased this house and would like to update the exterior by adding shutters, possibly different front door, lights, landscaping, etc. The house is newly painted so we are keeping the yellow color. The style we are going for inside is British Colonial/West Indies Colonial so we would like to tie that to the outside even though we are in the northeast :-) still want the look & feel of our favorite vacation rentals in Turks & Caicos, & Barbados, etc. Your ideas, design mock up will be greatly appreciated. (Shutters type & color, door type & color, lights, landscaping, front porch furniture. Etc.) thank you.
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A new front door would be a good place to start - the victorian door glass is all wrong here. The white trim and bright tone are definitely carribean, and you could add a pretty ocean blue-green tone on the front door like sw st. barts. Afraid that carribean fixed shutters at an angle upstairs will make the rooms too dark and the scale of the house v window doesn't do much to recommend windows. .. I believe I would add some yellow to the face of the bay window so the white remaining was the same thickness as all the other trim so it didn't stick out as having too much white - just tape it off and paint some yellow to match on it. Paint a couple of adirondack chairs with the same color and put them on the front porch . . .

Since you have good privacy, a front door that has divided pane windows on the top half of the door should work nicely and still bring in the needed natural light. Inside, switch the yellow to something like ben moores spanish white - creamy yellow feeling but not gold to fight with other colors - white it will resonate with the floor but give you a warm neutral backdrop - bright yellows are difficult to live with inside - worst choice for a kids room - excite the senses
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Replace the posts or redo the porch.
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I don't feel shutters are really not appropriate for your size window. Shutters need to appear to be functional to look right, in other words each shutter would need to cover 1/2 the width of the window. Your windows are so wide the shutters would need to be very wide, and just accentuate the width. I would save my money and put it into a new front door that you could paint a beautiful color, and perhaps just paint the spindles and posts too. Just a though.
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