Need help swapping flourescent light in kitchen for more modern light
March 28, 2014 in Design Dilemma
We had slight water damage on our kitchen ceiling. We originally thought they would have to rip the whole ceiling down so we decided we wanted to swap out our 4 bulb flourescent light for two modern pendant lights above the island and then add some can lights to give more light in the kitchen. The flourescent light really lights up the kitchen and i think 2 pendant lights by themselves would not be enough light. Fortunately the damage was not as bad as expected and only retaping, mudding and painting is needed so now we can not add can lights without taking down the perfectly fine ceiling. But my wife really really wants to get rid of the flourescent and add pendant lights.... there is the dilemma. Attached is the kitchen layout as is and the original lights we wanted to replace the flourescent. Now i do not know what to do with the flourescent. Please help.
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Clay Aragon
Because your current fluorescent light fixture is your only source of light in your kitchen, I would refrain from doing down light pendants as you have shown in one of the photos. You need to find a fixture that lights up your whole kitchen. Look for a single or double pendant that branches out several light bulbs. Pay attention to wattage as well. The higher the better; and to control the brightness perhaps install a dimmer. Here is an inspirational example.

Best of luck!
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I just came to the site to see what options I have for a recessed fluorescent light in my kitchen. The contractor wants them remove the old ceiling to remove the existing 4' square recessed box, but that sounds costly. I'd love to leave it but get away from the '80s look. I'll be interested to see the responses you get.
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Patricia Colwell
You can remove the fixture and leave the indent in the ceiling as a feature and hang the new fixture from there. And andy the box in your space is not centered over the island so best to get rid of box and do something like the first pic.
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