Heat Pump Versus Electric Heat Dilemma - Need Advice fast!!!

svgasApril 1, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I live in a fairly cool climate (it's been between 0 and -20 celcius since mid december with no signs of warming up till May - to get perspective) Our summers are short and we rarely get more than 25 celcius (cooling is not a must). We are building a very open concept house and are trying to decide whether we install an air source heat pump or use high quality electric heat. The heat pump should theoretically save us money on our utilities however we will have to get creative on how to run duct work to the secold level because of the openness and beams running the length of the house. Wondering if any other cold climate home owners have advice on the most appropriate heat source for us? What would you do?
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Halé G
what did you decide? i would be curious. i am trying to decide as well for a small home i am bldg.
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I live in a climate with four distinct seasons and cold winters. I am all electric and have to have both. The heat pump is mostly used for cooling and only for heating down to around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, any colder than that and it becomes ineffective and the electric furnace switches on. They say a heat pump is good for heat in temperature down to 20 Fahrenheit, but I have had them for years, recently replacing old with newer and very high efficiency, and it's still the same temperature range.
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Halé G
got it. this is really helpful! thank you!!!!!!
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