That one transitional piece that must be perfect.
April 5, 2014 in Design Dilemma
Purpose: Find a side table / drawer (small, flat - can sit in front of door height window).

I have a very well built set of furniture my Father made - so for the emotional reasons I will not give it up. Then comes the BUT - it is pale and made out of solid birch with absolutely beautiful flaming, swirling type of wood - and I love dark almost black, black and some grey for my furniture. I like silver over gold, latter of which I will not accept.

It is crime to paint wood - generally speaking especially when it is beautiful - and so I will not do. The set of furniture includes a bit over 3 m long very near ceiling height book selves with center area designed for the TV and a stereo.. electronics. It has its own lights. There is section with led-glass and other with wood doors - some open shelves. Down there is a bit larger base with drawers. Then there exists an additional extension which can also be set else where in a room. There is 1 sqm large a coffee table high enough to work as a laptop table with structural design and a hidden base compartment for a home safe (how ever not good for permanent work table - no way). I designed the table top for it and made it when I was a teen. The design includes glass cover. In addition I have a nicely sized, bit larger than usually lamp table with 3 drawers. I designed the legs for that - so they are not common type while still simple. They are more narrow at the ends than at the top. They have silver handles and traditional framed centers for the doors.

The pale birch of the doors in this particular object found online is exactly what my birch is like - tone included...
Swedish Art Deco Sideboard in Flame Birch and Rosewood

I like the black legs on that. I do like Art Deco - but something about this object just does not work. I need more options and ideas. This might be just the first and most important piece of furniture to get because... I prefer much more things like these...
Details about Large Amish Corner Computer Center Desk Hutch Home Office Wood Fur
Dominic Console
Coiffeuse baroque grise Amadeus
Industrial Rolling Console Table

This is not bad looking, but not very well fitting as the wood is not birch...
Three-Drawer Diamond Front Chest

Please help me to find that small, but not too small a piece that can unite well enough dark and the existing pale birch. Thank you.
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You didn't give a I went straight to deco...Macassar and Ebony. Might even throw in some parchment, but this is what I was thinking.
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I do not know. Can those really merge the bridge between that pale birch of the doors and - say - black? Legs are nice. I wish I had pictures of my furniture but they are stored for now.

I suppose I need to say that my lamp table is the height of the example piece there up - which was chosen mainly for that particular type and tone birch having been combined to the dark woods. That is what I actually look for - but I'd like it to be done better - in some way more settle.

I will need to decide about this piece and how much I will pay for what I want - you are right on that. For now I want to see how much a really good solution might cost. But mind you - I once wrote to my idea book that I will not pay 2000 for a sofa. See I will likely have to buy a home that will need some bit work done to it - and yes - all furniture - except for the living room set of book shelves, a table and the small drawer / lamp table. The whole point of searching especially for this piece already now is to hopefully have it so I can bring in what we like - and that is the dark - black and some bit grey to our home in the furniture with out having to touch what my Dad made (full knowing that I prefer dark finishes - lol). He just said that when people are older they tend to like pale woods cause they do not eat light.

Thank you. I will search on - any input is valued a lot for they do give me different visual inspirations.
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You may be overthinking this...and focusing too much on the birch. A black lacquer deco style table may be all you need.
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Interesting shape. Thank you. I appreciate any idea.

Here is the dillema and this time - YES that birch face on the left is the face of my birch furniture. So where is that piece of furniture that can merge the darker and the pale tones of wood?

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Well it still is open that question. I have some ideas like these..

Swedish Art Deco Sideboard in Flame Birch and Rosewood

Heirloom Furniture

Storage Unit/Bookcase, Black Red and Light Cherry Finish

A Swedish Birchwood Biedermeier Bookcase circa 1900

Some of them are too large. The options I was given before do not really do what I want - nice furniture - but not there. These options in this comment - first has at least pale enough wood - but it is maybe too high and I would like the dark and the pale wood combine more delicately. The chairs I ran into today, but I think those would not in the end find much use for the space. The third option image again while not bad is too high and generally the wood has had its time to get darker. The last option is too large. I said some small tables - even a small - as in low built but maybe bit wider drawer system would do. In similar width as the options 1 and 3.

Part of me thinks that maybe the place of this two woods combining furniture item would be in the entrance where it could be like a console table - but then I return to think that maybe I would do smarter to have it where those two woods will definitely meet - that being the living room

And there the item has to be either a low built drawer/cabinet/side table that will not obstruct the view in the window behind or then - well - a narrow cabinet to hold some very few musical instruments.
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That is the face of my existing pale birch furniture. This is part how it looks - the rest of the items are in storage so I cant post any more images about it. This is what needs to be combined with dark wood.

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