Spring is here
JD Design Solutions Inc
April 8, 2014 in Design Dilemma
How many of you are embracing the 5 minutes of sunrays that fall upon us and counting the days till the double digits are on both sides of the forecast of “low to high” temperature?
It was once a comforting idea to know that you were not alone -going through the process of hibernation, getting ready to come out of it and dreading one more day of the cold-but Now is another story.
So how is JD DESIGN SOLUTIONS INC. going to change that for you?
How are you going to be different than everybody else?
We are offering you “SPRING IS HERE” indoors.
Rather than wait for those colors to blossom outside your window and behind your door, we are going to give you those colors NOW.
For the month of April we are “springing” on a FREE 1 hour in home consultation at your home(for every 3 hours that you register with us) JD DESIGN TEAM will come into your home and freshen up your space. Rejuvenating and revamping your space to give you the feel you have been waiting all winter long.
We will also apply this offer to any renovation you may have in your home or home addition-and bump that to 2 FREE hours (for every 5 hours that you register with us)
This will include time to get to know you, your home, your ‘wish list’ and to prepare any drawings you may require. That also may include sending you details of specifications you may need for your interior space renovation, remodeling, rejuvenation or revamping-from contractors to trades to suppliers.
For this month ONLY-April 2014-Let JD DESIGN SOLUTIONS INC. “spring” your way.
Wishing you a pleasant evening.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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