Room design for a 7 year old boy

Laura Rathgeb-FioreApril 11, 2014
I am in the process of adding new bedrooms and a bath on to my cape. My son loves orange and has selected an orange quilt for his bed. I am fairly certain we are adding blue and gray into the mix as well.

My husband wants carpeting in the new bedrooms (sigh) so I thought that a medium marbled grey would be neutral enough to change bedding and paint colors at any point, if needed, in the future.

With grey carpet and an orange quilt, I was thinking of blue paint for he walls. While I was out shopping the other day I saw a dark orange side table hat I though would be neat to add in, but my concern is he table would be right next to the bed and the orange quilt. I also saw a great gray side table as well. If I was to use the orange table, I could use a grey lamp or vice versa.

I would still need to work a blue into the schemes well, but I don't want to miss out on the tables since the store often turns over merchandise and the tables might not be there in a few moths when I can actually put them in the room.

What are your thoughts? The quilt is a brighter orange, while the table is more of a burnt orange.

Thanks for any help or ideas you can provided.
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I would buy the gray side table, but what color is the bed itself? Or don't you have one picked out yet? I love orange myself but I prefer it with beiges but I think the gray would be nice as well. And the fact that you want to mix blue in will be sharp looking. And a little orange goes a long way! But try telling that to a 7year old!!

I would suggest looking at photos here on houzz in the color schemes you are seeking and see what pops up when you do a search. Houzz Kids may have some great ideas as well. Good luck with the build as well as the decorating. Keep us posted. :)
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This might be your colour scheme paletteIt is okay to put stronger and darker oranges together so long as they are tonally the same (ie an orange with blue hues will clash with an orange with red hues).. see second picture cushions....
Scandia Surf · More Info
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Laura Rathgeb-Fiore
IMG_0879.JPG This is the orange table, and you can see the shade of the grey table next to it. ... The quilt is more of a true orange, brighter like a basketball.

We are still discuss what to do about the bed. Currently we have just a frame and mattress, and don't plan on adding a headboard anytime soon, since he is a little rough. :)
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Laura Rathgeb-Fiore
Sorry, the picture is attached
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Blue works well with orange, make sure they have the same tonal values.

Ava Lane · More Info
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It looks as if it would work. I would consider a headboard, precisely because he is a little rough, they are there to protect walls (and heads).
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Patricia Colwell
I would be tempted to go more intense colors for a boy. I would also use some white to off set all the blue, grey and orange.
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I really like the orange table better because of the bottom shelf. Adds a bit more storage.
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Laura Rathgeb-Fiore
Thank you,I think I a going to buy it and try it out with the comforter for a few days and see if I really like it. I like the two layersaswell, and the top portion of the table flips over for a lock in tray, which I thought would be great for his puzzles or Legos.
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kathleen MK
As a mom I can tell it doesn't matter what color it is you never see it or the carpet because of the books and treasures they decorate every flat surface with- Legos, toy cars, action figures then all the contraband snack rappers, books and electronics when they are teens.
Seriously go for storage, you can repaint that small of a table with a paint sample. On big pieces go neutral so they can be used in different color schemes.
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Wow, kathleen MK, you must be telepathic as you just described my oldest grandson's room to a T!!
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