February 27, 2012
I need help with my kitchen. Every time I seem to have it figured out, I think about it for a few weeks/months and don't like the decisions I have made. Mainly I need to choose a colour to paint the walls and cabinets. The countertop will be changed in the future but not right away and everything has to be done with a strick eye to cost. I am planning to change out the sink to a single big one with built in drainboard, there is one at Ikea I like, and a new high arch faucet with pull down spout. The windows and door has framing that has been taken down in preparation for the painting and the door will be painted when it warms up enough for it to be able to stay open and not have all our heat escape to the very cold outdoors. The floor I still like, we refinished it a few years ago and it looks nice. Although these photos show lots of light in the kitchen, this is not the norm so I think I have to stay in the light tones to prevent feeling cavelike especially during gloomy days and the short days of winter. The gold colour on the walls of the dining room adjacent to the kitchen are probably not going to be around long either.
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Sofia Pais
I would leave the Euro Box cabinets as they are, the frameless cabinetry looks modern and clean and yours seem to be in good condition. The white also brightens the kitchen. Instead, I would focus on updating the counters. Maybe butcher block counters similar to the attached photos? Celedon or lime-green hued walls would compliment the wood trim.
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Sofia Pais
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I did consider butcher block countertops, I really like the look and the price, but can see problems developing around the sink and dishwasher. I considered using it only on the peninsula, but think my kitchen and house is too small for having different surfaces. I do like the green though and I do keep coming back to using the same colour of the cabinets.
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I wouldn't paint the kitchen or paint it the same color, white. It looks fine as does the sink. Learn to love your kitchen, it's very nice. I do not think green paint will enhance the decorative items you have on top of the cabinets. I would keep the same counters, too, dark blue or black (cannot see). Keep top of fridge, window sill and the counters cleared off. Keep only stainless steel items on the stove (these blend with faucet and other stainless items). This will make the kitchen seem larger. You have a colorful and interesting arrangement on top of the cabinets. It looks blue and red. Spread these items out so there is not an empty gap. Have a blue & white print towel or two (for show only) on the stove handle. Two of these or something similar http://www.crateandbarrel.com/kitchen-and-food/dishtowels/primrose-blue-dishtowel/s543287 I'd paint the DR white at some point. You have a lot of furniture and a lot going on there, maybe we could help?
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Bonnie Sullivan
Curious what you have done with your kitchen. I have similar cabinets and will soon be painting them white. If you have painted - how was it? Hard, easy - good/bad? Would love to find out how it turned out.
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I haven't done anything yet. I decided to wait until we chose the replacement for the counters and I keep changing my mind. I had decided on butchers block because I like the idea and can get very inexpensive ones at Ikea, but then thought it would be too much wood with the wood floors, so now I am thinking about just replacing the counter by the sink in the same colour as we have now, dark blue, which I still like. Until that gets done the project is on hold. My handy husband, who does all the work, has been working out of province since I posted this and so all reno's are going very slowly.
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