I need to brighten my room
April 13, 2014
Hello all,
I feel like current state of my bedroom is a bit dark, whelming and cluttered. I think I need more calm colors and tidyness. I did just small changes but I don't think they are enough. I feel like I need to do some major changes such as painting walls or painting the wardrobe (although I really don't know how to do it). Would you please share your ideas how can I declutter and brighten my room? Thanks.

p.s.: I am planning to buy "Selje" from IKEA as my bedside table to declutter that area. I also need some help about that as I am not really sure that it is suitable for general look of the room. Also, I think I need a carpet but I'm not sure how big it should be.
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You have a cute space, and it doesn't seem dark as much as it seems in need of some consolidation. All books together, all small bits on a tray if they make a nice display, or in a covered container if they don't. I agree that a new wall colour is a good way to refresh - you don't need the accent colour, just one choice will do- and your pink is a good one. Getting the very tall curtain panel cut to size, and painting out the wood trim will reduce some extra lines, and if you are keeping the wall hung table/ shelves, that would be the spot for a shot of bright accent colour - another touch of red, or green to repeat your floor cushion could both be nice, or pick a third option and repeat it with a pillow of the same shade on the bed. The light strand needs some shaping, too - how would you feel about tucking it against the ceiling line?. It looks like a 4x6 would be a plentiful rug size, but you might also consider Ikeas Rens sheepskin rug.
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Hi. The ideas below would take some expenditure, but they're also quite adaptable. The two ideal changes I'd suggest would be to get a bed like the one below (lovely extra storage), put very simple neutral bedding on it and multicoloured cushions that tie in the mix of colour you seem to enjoy. Include the red of the desk chair and the pink of the wall (if you want to keep that corner pink) -- preferably in at least one cushion that has them both. The second is to put roller blinds and curtain panels on your windows. The curtains could be patterned, but nothing riotous, and should hang in a clean, straight way. You could also combine your multiple colours in a piece of art to hang over your bed. With this more tailored approach your choice of Ikea sidetable would fit; as the room is, it doesn't.

If that much isn't within your budget, I'd say the best thing to do is create a more tailored bed with plain bedding and cushions as suggested.

Painting your wardrobe to match the neutral walls would almost certainly make the bedroom seem larger and calmer, but I'd leave that decision to last. It's a biggie.
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Thank you all for your answers and time. I will be answering.
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I should add that the wardrobe and desk have a finish on them that make painting them fairly impractical. The shelves, being smaller -and covered with your belongings - are a better candidate. Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing your progress.
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Madden, Slick & Bontempo, Inc
I am just attaching this picture as an example for a color palette. The paint color here is BM Senora Gray and the wood tones seem similar to yours. I would do the bed as a daybed - you can use any king-size headboard on the long side of the bed against the wall to achieve that look without having to buy a new bed. Here is a picture of one in a gray color that is offered by QVC, I think. I love the little bedside table you picked - I think it will work great in the white.
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@studio10001 Thank you for your time. I actually already put the small things in containers as much as I can (sorry it is not much obvious in the pictures), but it still seems cluttered. The bed was next to the pink wall before and I felt like it made the general look of room whelming since it is a bit dark, I really regret of that. Maybe a more soft pink or pinkish white will work better? I am not planning to change the color of the pink wall or the place of the wardrobe though. I do not understand what do you mean by wood trim, if it is the second picture, it is a balcony door and I am not sure if I should paint it. I really like the idea of color touches on the shelves, maybe painting it with the same color of the walls will create a less cluttered look? I really hate the red chair (beacuse of its loud color, I want calmness) but I do not have budget to change it unfortunately. It is my bad to forget to mention it. By the way, I may ask you what can I do about the chair, a DIY maybe? I am aware of ugly look of the light strand and I'm planning to create a vertical structure on the wall next to the windows and hiding it behind the curtain. I think it would create a more calm look.
About the rug, should I buy a big rug and hide the ends under the bed and table, or should I pick a smaller one just to hide the plain area? Which one would make the room look bigger and be more practical?
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@chemayne, thank you for your time. I really like the color of the rug you have shared, I might consider buying something like that. I am not sure if I can find the cubes in my country. Anyway, I want a practical drawer in my bedside so I could hide all that clutter. I strongly agree that I need a bedding but I am not sure about the colors. I think yellow or plain white would be a bit boring with all the dark brown furniture or I may just be my personal taste.
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@Rina, thank you for your time. I don't have a budget to change my bed unfortunately. But I agree that some cushions would be nice. I am not sure about the shape or colors though (I hate the color of the chair unfortunately), I don't want to regret what I buy. Also I think they should be suitable with the bedding, which I don't have any idea what should I do about it. I already have roller blinds behind the curtains it is my bad that they are not seem in the pictures. They are beige and they are dark in order to block the sun if it is needed, so using them make the room a bit dark and whelming, so they are rolled up most of time. Another bad choice...
I am aware of painting the furniture is a big decision, maybe I do something with sticky papers and cover them or something like that. Would it make them look cheaper?
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@Madden, thank you for your time. I really really like the photo you attached, it is a really calm place. The soft colors are really calming, and flowers makes the room vivid in a soft way. It is something I would really want. But I am not sure I can get that ambiance since my room is a bit small. Actually my dream was creating a spring ambiance with natural pink and green, but I am unable to achive it obviously. Daybed is a good idea and it would be very practical, actually I am realizing that I need something practical to sit on like that just now. I love the color of the headboard that you sent but I am little curious since its color is dark. Would it make the room look smaller?
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I realized that the photos that I send were a bit insufficient. So I am adding these panoramic pictures of the room, although they make room to seem bigger. Also I need to mention some things. Firstly, I am using the shelves of the wardrobe behind the mirror as vanity and I do make up there. I am also planning to buy a small pouf for in front of the mirror to use for that purpose. Do you think it is a good idea or should I continue to use the red chair for that? I don't like the change its place continually. Especially since it will be hard to roll the chair when I get a rug. Second, I have these purple/pink chairs in my house, do you think they are suitable to make my room calmer? If they are, where should I put them?
Also I use that floor cushion to put my clothes in daily basis, maybe I find more practical and tidy solution for that.
I am sorry that it takes a bit long to me to answer as my language is not that really good. Thank you all.
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Thanks for the extra photos.
I think your idea of a soft pink on the remaining walls is a good idea. Since you are looking for new bedding, concentrate on that first, and then choose a shade from it for the walls that will look well with the hot pink wall you are keeping.
One of the chairs you show could go in the room to be used at either the desk or vanity, but both might be too much of a good thing. If you placed one angled in front of the mirror, and made use of the daybed idea that Madden presented, you would have a little seating group for when friends come over, and could then turn the chair to use at the mirror as needed. If you feel that you would be comfortable enough with a pouf, that would be fine,too.
A headboard can be created by hanging a door, or large piece of wood just behind your bed, which can then be painted, or upholstered with fabric of your choice.
I was referring to the doors( one side only), doorframes and baseboards when I mentioned painting out the woodwork. This will reduce the amount of dark wood featured in your room. Replacing the curtain rod with two spring rods set in the door's window will allow you to reduce the bulk of fabric on that wall, and will also help give you a calmer look.
When you repaint, I suggest taking that opportunity to lower the wall shelves over the desk, so that they relate to the work area more - perhaps 6-8" above the computer screen.
Your new rug should be no longer than the end of the bed, so that the door and chair may function freely, and therefore needn't go underneath the bed; let that help you dictate your size.
If you get a rug to cover the entire middle area, your rolling chair may still have limited function (?), and might be replaced with one of the upholstered chairs without a second thought. If you keep the rolling chair, you could make a slipcover set. It would look like two fitted cases with drawstrings - one tied at the base of the back, and one tied under the seat. You could also use the same fabric for your headboard ( Attach foam first, and staple to the wood back before hanging via french cleat).
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Madden, Slick & Bontempo, Inc
Just a couple more ideas using pink. I might substitute the pink upholstered chair for the rolling office chair too.
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