Is Berber carpeting a mistake if you have cats?
Denice ShutyApril 14, 2014
Someone said I shouldn't get Berber carpeting if I have cats - that their nails will catch on the loops and pull the threads out of the backing. Is that correct? I didn't think a cat would be strong enough to do that. What have other people experienced?
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I have Berber in one room and my cat, Bella, somehow gets her claws in the loops. I don't know of any materials they can't claw.
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ProSource Memphis
It's a horrible choice for pet owners.
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We have Berber in one of our rooms and have had no issues with our cat snagging any loops. Granted the carpet is fairly old and seems fairly flat....but I have never seen the cat clawing it at and pulling up any loops or strands.
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Denice Shuty
grobby, do they actually pull the threads loose?
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Denice Shuty
ProSource Memphis, what do you recommend? I really dislike the cut pile, frieze, shag, types in my price range. I also would like a carpet that doesn't show footprints or vacuum lines so easily.
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Yes, Bella can pull up the loop, not all the way out, but I can tell when she's been at it. I've also seen her clawing the carpet and does she ever enjoy it.
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Darla Scheuerman
I made the mistake of installing it in two rentals. Cats did a fabulous job of de-threading it :). Dang cats, I love them so much, now I install cut Berber
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I had Berber in a bedroom in my previous house for 10 years - with 3 cats. Never had a single pulled thread.
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My cat works at the spot on the carpet just beneath a closed door so all my doors have a "threshold" in the berber. He pulls up a loop and pulls it so I get a nice long string pulled out. I've had some success with using a hot glue gun sort of repair it but it generally looks terrible.... go with something, anything! else!
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Depends on your cat, I have four and one is a determined scratcher despite several scratching posts he loves our very expensive duck egg blue leather sofa. All the corners are now suede, can't stop him tried all sorts, now shout - he stops and then a few seconds later you here a single ping as he removes a claw, I think he is making a point.
Should add I don't have a shred of carpet in the house so his options (apart from those provided for cats) are limited.
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